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Asteroid Tactics
Author: Sketchy Submitted: 23rd March, 2013 Favourites:0
Genre: Turn-based Strategy Downloads: 144

Edited By Sketchy on 3/27/2013

EDIT: Now includes source .mfa file (requires Surface, ForEach and Select Object extensions)

Asteroid Tactics is a two player, simultaneous turn based strategy game, based on the classic '80s arcade game "Asteroids".

The bulk of the game was made in just a single day, although I've spent a little more time on it since, organizing the code and adding a few new features. It uses vector graphics, with ships/asteroids/bullets etc all being composed of lines drawn onto a surface object.

Each player takes a turn to plan what they want their ships to do, and after both have finished, their orders are executed simultaneously during the "action phase". The objective is to destroy all of the opponent's ship. For obvious reasons, the second player should not be allowed to watch the first player take their turn.
Be warned that the controls do take some time to master and the game will initially seem quite challenging, just until you get the hang of it.

Each player may select a color for their ships (don't choose a dark color as they will be very hard to see against the blackness of space).
You may also select the number of asteroids - generally speaking, more asteroids make the game more challenging and tactical.

Up / Down - Increase / decrease thrust
Left / Right - Rotate
Shift - Select next ship
Ctrl - Fire weapon
Tab - Hyperspace
- Aiming guide (kind of cheating)

As there is no drag / friction in space, ships will continue moving with the same direction / speed until a force (thrust) is applied to change that. To slow down or completely stop moving, you must rotate the ship to face the direction it came from, and apply the right amount of thrust to nullify its momentum.

You can rotate the ship up to 180 degrees per turn, in either direction - the direction of the white arrow shows the direction the ship will be pointing at the end of the turn.
You can also apply thrust in the direction the ship is facing - the length of the white arrow shows the amount of thrust to be applied.
When a ship is deselected, the white arrow will turn light grey. There is also a dark grey line which indicates where an object will end the next turn, if no thrust is applied.

Whenever ships or asteroids leave the screen, they will wrap around to the opposite side.

Ships are capable of firing one burst (3 shots) every other turn, but it takes one full turn to reload.
The shots are fired exactly half way through the action phase. Novice pilots may wish to use the aiming guide, which shows the path of any shots fired (assuming no thrust is applied, which would alter the ship's course).
It only takes one shot to destroy a ship.

Each ship is equipped with a hyperdrive which may be used just once, and which teleports the ship to a random location. This is useful in emergencies, but there is always the risk of the ship teleporting into an asteroid etc.

Ships are destroyed if they collide with an asteroid. They may however destroy asteroids by shooting at them. Large asteroids will break into two medium pieces; medium asteroids will break into three small pieces; small asteroids will be reduced to harmless debris. The larger the asteroid, the more shots it will take to split it apart.


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