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[Lacewing] Tutorial Pack
Author: Sumo148 Submitted: 2nd December, 2009 Favourites:3
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Edited By Sumo148 on 12/6/2009

Edited By Sumo148 on 12/2/2009

If you want to learn how to use Lacewing, go to my article here:

Make sure you have the latest MMF2 build and the latest Lacewing build! Get them both at the clickteam forums

This is a tutorial pack I made that contains 3 online tutorials using lacewing. They are:

- Basic movement with 360 degree shooting online
- chat room with kicking feature
- online lobby

The basic movement and shooting is a good example of how to make your own online deathmatch game. The chat room has a nice kicking feature that was originally made for a member of the clickteam forums. I might be adding onto this chat room a bit more later on. Finally there's the online lobby. It was originally discovered by Solgryn, but I added a few features that updates the lobby whenever someone connects, so it will always be refreshed. Before, only people that were connected on the lobby frame, would see the newly created game, but what if the game was already created and a person joins the lobby? My tutorial fixes this, so it's flawless now. Thanks to Solgryn for the original tutorial (article).

I will be making more online tutorials in the future, but I need more online tutorial ideas from the members of the daily click!

I hope you enjoyed these tutorials!

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Posted by Callebo 2nd December, 2009

Link seems to be broken. Argh, was looking forward to see this! I've wondered how to make smooth shooting online, hope you've figured it out.

Perhaps you can make a tutorial about hosting games and such, think it would be helpful for some
Posted by Sumo148 2nd December, 2009

"hosting games" is the online lobby tutorial in the pack. I'll try to fix the link now.
Posted by Sumo148 2nd December, 2009

its fixed!
Posted by boa 3rd December, 2009
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Wow Thank you so much
Posted by Callebo 3rd December, 2009

Ow I didn't realise that I'm in school atm, will dl when I get home!
Posted by Callebo 3rd December, 2009

Hmm, as soon as I do something when another person is online (well, I was running the game twice) the game crashes.
Like if I move or shoot in the shooting example, it crashes if someone else also is online. The game also crashes if I try to join a game in the lobby example.
Posted by Sumo148 3rd December, 2009

Works fine for me. Do you have firewall blocking the apps? And make sure your not using the same username for all the apps. Each username has to be different!
Comment edited by Sumo148 on 12/3/2009
Posted by weka 3rd December, 2009
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Thank you so much! Image
<br />

<br />

The online works for me. No crashes.
Comment edited by weka on 12/3/2009
Posted by Robert Dowling 4th December, 2009

Haven't had a chance to look at this yet, but it's sooo what I need. Looking forward to checking it out when I get home!
Posted by boa 4th December, 2009
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Please make CharacterSelectionExample
Posted by Sumo148 6th December, 2009

Callebo: You may need the latest version of lacewing (which is beta #5). Get it at the clickteam forums.
Posted by MJK 6th December, 2009

Interesting...will take a look at this later on.
Posted by Otter 8th December, 2009
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Nice stuff! This really helped!
Posted by Sumo148 8th December, 2009

Thanks! I feel so special!

@ Boa: I'll make a character selection example soon
Posted by Sumo148 30th July, 2010

Lacewing is the updated version of the two. It's more stable and built better than the others.
Posted by 360jex 18th August, 2012

failed link
Posted by Xcompany 11th January, 2014






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