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Mafagafo Killing Center
Author: Sumo148 Submitted: 1st October, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 137

Edited By Sumo148 on 10/1/2010

This game was not made by me! I'm uploading this for a friend since he doesn't have a TDC account and wants some feedback. AugustoAD created the game and I flash'd it for him. The goal is to get the key and reach the exit door without dying. On the way, there are many blades to kill you, so be careful

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Posted by Carnivorous id 1st October, 2010

It's driving me nuts but I can't stop playing it.
Comment edited by Carnivorous id on 10/1/2010
Posted by The Chris Street 1st October, 2010
Rated :

This is really annoyingly addictive... but unpolished
Posted by G. Hull 1st October, 2010

That's weird. This is actually pretty fun. Still, Ima stop playin' it. Cuz I'm frustrated Image
Comment edited by G. Hull on 10/1/2010
Posted by UrbanMonk 1st October, 2010
Rated :

With a bit of a graphical overhaul this could be a nice game.

I gave up on level 3, the jump height should change depending on how long you hold the jump key.

Tell your friend to get an account and comment on his own game, it's free!
Posted by Noah2006 2nd October, 2010

very cool game
Posted by Sgamer8t88 3rd October, 2010

I agree with UrbanMonk. Great game however the engine needs a little work so it is actually possible to beat level 3.
Posted by johnpow66 4th October, 2010
Rated :

i made it up to level 3 lil impossible to beat it but nice game!
Posted by Sephirenn 4th October, 2010

Hmmm, games not working for me... (404 on the link, the flash on this page is just a black screen).
Posted by Sumo148 5th October, 2010

Posted by Marko 5th October, 2010
Rated :

Really quite a great game indeed! Have a word with your friend and get them to join so they can be part of the TDC fun!
Posted by Rich Datson 7th October, 2010

I gave up after level 3, I finally got past that hard jump bit and then got splattered. Didn't want to keep repeating over and over again.
Neat graphics, kinda reminded of portal
Posted by AugustoAD 10th October, 2010

Hey guys, this is Mafagafo's Creator!

Attending to many asks, I got into the DC!

For you guys that think that level 3 is impossible, I'll say one thing:

It's actually one of the hardest levels, but it's not impossible! Many of my friends can get to level 12 without having any problem.

Oh, and if you guys wanna download a fullscreen Version of my game, in portuguese, goto

Hope I have explained things for you guys! Have fun getting past (or trying to) level 3!
Posted by Haakon 6th December, 2010

are your friends Superman and Spiderman?
Posted by Fredrik Ortmon 10th December, 2010

Posted by AugustoAD 10th December, 2010

Thanks you all, guys! ;D
Posted by Gokotti 12th December, 2010

It's so simple it's good. Graphics could be better. I'm stopping to play on level3 because I don't want to crack my new 21' monitor.
Posted by Bricnic 13th December, 2010

Fun enough little time waster. I forced myself to beat level 3 since everyone talked about it- and it was indeed tough. Reminds me of a lower budget Paroxysm.
Posted by Betamax 15th February, 2011
Rated :

To beat the hard jump you have to jump from as far left as you can.

Anyway I know what was being aimed at for this, can't help but feel someones been playing some "super meat boy" or "I wanna be the guy". The game is hard, but mainly because of the mechanics. Not a bad attempt, just needs some polishing and a little more character.
Posted by AugustoAD 19th February, 2011

Exactly! And that's what I did in the new version. Get to my downloads page and visit Mafagafo Killing Center v1.5 . Have fun. Lol





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