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Flash Level Editor- Alpha
Author: Sumo148 Submitted: 11th November, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 201

Edited By Sumo148 on 11/11/2010

An online level editor intended for flash for an upcoming game I'm making with Ethan. It'll be an online flash game using lacewing while playing on your own customizable maps. So far its in the alpha stage and although it has the core engine completed, there are still multiple bugs such as...

-Minimap Dots: the dots are misplaced by one tile

-If you delete all the placeable items (such as generating new map with the "new button"), then the "If cursor is NOT overlapping wall item" condition will fail

-For some reason you have to click the "load level" button twice when entering your code for the level to be generated

-if you put too many items on the grid, the fastloop saving/loading system will freeze the .swf (flash and fastloops don't work well together? Any ideas to optimize it?)

If you find any more bugs or you think you can help fix these bugs above, please comment. Constructive criticism is appreciated Thanks.

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Posted by columbo borgi :C 11th November, 2010

cool. but i'd not hide the cursor when its over the playfield, kinda annoying when you left the cursor there, and it blinks everywhere ;>





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