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Basic Flash Piano
Author: Sumo148 Submitted: 2nd September, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 110

Edited By Sumo148 on 9/2/2010

This is a basic flash piano application I made today. The keyboard has 25 keys in total and there are two octaves ranging from low C to high C. There are two options; show the key notes and use shift to stop the notes. This is a bare bones application, but hopefully I'll be able to add a record and playback system later on Enjoy.

You can play a few easy tunes such as Saria's Song from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I love that song

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Posted by Callebo 2nd September, 2010

this was pretty sweet.
you should make so you could play with your keyboard, like A being the C-key, S = D, D = E and so on
Posted by UrbanMonk 3rd September, 2010

I think shift should hold out the notes instead of stopping them, like a sustain.
Posted by PotatoCannon 3rd September, 2010

i dont understand how you can put the game there
Posted by Marko 3rd September, 2010

Very good, very nice indeed. I agree with Callebo's comment about the keyboard idea - it'd be my preferred control method too.
Posted by Hempuli 5th September, 2010

There's way too much echo in the notes for any faster tune. Otherwise solid.
Posted by Jason Orme 7th September, 2010

I think the sustain is alittle off.. it generates way too much echo.

Neat idea though.
Posted by Sumo148 7th September, 2010

I probably going to make the shift key hold the note instead of cutting it off, so it works better. I'll also assign key from the keyboard to the notes on the piano as well. Thanks for the feedback





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