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Random Tile World Generator
Author: Sumo148 Submitted: 30th September, 2012 Favourites:0
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Edited By Sumo148 on 10/7/2012

I've been looking everywhere for a random tile world generation tutorial or engine for mmf2, but I found nothing so I decided to build my own from scratch. This engine uses "cellular automata" to generate the terrain (basically checking blocks adjacent other blocks and changing them accordingly). It uses nested fast loops for instant world generation at the start of the frame. It was made with this flash tutorial as a guide and converted from pseudo code to mmf2.

Hope you enjoy!

Secondary download link if main one fails:

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Posted by Jon Lambert 3rd October, 2012

It had something to do with them being served over HTTPS. I'm not sure if it just doesn't support HTTPS links or if what, though.
Posted by Sumo148 3rd October, 2012

The photos work now and the backup link is always there in case that "" link fails, thanks.
Posted by Sketchy 8th October, 2012

How many generations are you running the automaton for?Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like just 1, rather than the 8 suggested in the article.
Also, it's rather slow - I'd guess if you just used an array instead of detectors etc, it would be quite a lot more efficient.
Posted by Sumo148 8th October, 2012

You're right it's just once. Personally I felt like the one loops output looked more realistic than the eight loop output, but I guess you could change that if you wanted to. I'll take your advice on the array and try to optimize it some more, thanks.
Posted by Sketchy 8th October, 2012

I took the liberty of making an example that follows the article a bit more closely, just in case it's any good to you:!545
btw: Your "Medieval" project sounds interesting - let me know if you want any help with it
Posted by Sumo148 8th October, 2012

Wow Sketchy this example is phenomenal, blows mine out out of the water haha. Glad you're interested in my project; I'll be sure to drop you a comment or question if I'm stuck or need help. Thanks.
Comment edited by Sumo148 on 10/9/2012





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