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Author: The MPP Submitted: 4th June, 2018 Favourites:3
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Pac-Blob got himself stuck in a maze, and it's your job to help him get out!

Controls :
Arrow keys - Move Pac-Blob

How to win a level :
In the top right corner there are 2 orange counters. The left one shows how many pellets you've already collected. The right one shows how many pellets you need to get. For example ; if the right counter says you need 50 pellets you need to get 50 to progress to the next level.

Pellets :
Collect pellets by just going up to them! There are a bunch of normal pellets just lying around. But there is also a special one! That pellet can spawn at random places in the maze and is worth 5 pellets!

Ghosts :
There are multiple ghosts that walk around the maze. Don't touch them! If you touch them you lose 1 life. If you loose all your 3 lives you get a game over.


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Posted by BigAl0104 4th June, 2018
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This was a little fun game that reminds us of the good old days of Pac-Man, but with beautiful graphics and music! Nice job MPP!
Posted by The MPP 4th June, 2018

@ BigAl0104
Thanks Al! And thank you for beta testing, helping me find some music and making those screenshots for the game!
Posted by BigAl0104 4th June, 2018
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No problem, any time!
Posted by Ambrion 5th June, 2018
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Yoo, nice game!
<br />

<br />
I completed it on my first try!
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Posted by The Chris Street 8th June, 2018

Looks very much like an early Scott Cawthon game
Posted by The MPP 8th June, 2018

@ The Chris Street
Thanks! Scott is a very big inspiration to me, so that's a very kind thing to say!
Posted by Hill Gigas 14th June, 2018
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Ah yes, this definitely reminds me of Pac-Flan, a mini-game from the original Flanville!

I downloaded this one and got to level three!
Posted by BigAl0104 15th June, 2018
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Posted by TheComicalMelon 28th December, 2018
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I love Scott Cawthon's old works, I'm glad you've shed some light on it, MPP!






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