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The Wizard RPG
Author: The MPP Submitted: 25th February, 2019 Favourites:1
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 235

The Wizard RPG

A mysterious monster called "The Shadow Beast" has risen from the darkest corner of the earth and is planning to cover the entire world in eternal darkness!
Many wizards and mages have already gone on a quest to defeat The Shadow Beast, but none of them have returned or retreated because of the terror they felt when looking at his eyes.
Now there only remains a small group of magic users and one of them decides to go on a quest to defeat The Shadow Beast.
Will you be the wizard to save the world?

How to Play:
WASD - Move Player
Mouse - Aim
Left Click - Fire Magic Spell

Power Ups:
On the overworld there are are multiple magical amulets you can find. Collecting an amulet will upgrade your magic sell and increase your max HP.

Once you kill an enemy there is a chance that they will drop a heart. Collecting this heart heals you.

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Posted by Ambrion 10th March, 2019
Rated :

I don't know what to think of this game... I beat it for approximately 10 minutes and counting, and I also recognized a bunch of MIDIs, giving two examples; one being a Chrono Cross remix and one being Gaster's theme. I grasp for some originality sometimes when it comes to projects like video games, and this is the exact time people need to understand one thing; if original, it might be a hit the day time orders it!
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So, Mr. Pander, I suggest a couple of brief private originality lessons before making another game using MIDIs, the game mechanic and stage designs from the developer that already made all of that happen. No developer should ever be sued by these stupid mistakes in their games. Waddle on and stay safe.
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<br />
Yours truly, Convert
Comment edited by Convert2Double on 10/03/2019
Posted by The MPP 11th March, 2019

@Convert2Double Hi Convert! Been a while since I've seen you lol. Thanks for playing the game. And I honestly agree with you on this one. I made this game just because I wanted to release a new game, which probably isn't a good mindset. I'll do my best to improve.
Posted by Ambrion 12th March, 2019
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I've also seen Monado already getting sick of Scott inspiring games (mostly, anyone can establish why that's the primitive case now), which means it's finally time to make completely original games. Yes, we all appreciate Scott's obsolete titles (and especially Elemage), but let's try to be more fundamental by making something unique and fun to play.

All this can go well in the future, even though I haven't took my shot at one thing yet because of the annonymous plan I have on my notebook which I'll keep for the rest of my life. It is the only thing that'll mark down what's about to happen later on. I can't be direct about these things, nor can I accept any interviews about them as topics.

So, my duder, I think you understand everything better now. Yes, sometimes I'm not good at explaining stuff, but therefore; everyone is learning everything!
Posted by Ambrion 14th March, 2019
Rated :

And that also means for you, which needs to be accepted if you want better ranks and reviews, which is ALSO why it's never too late to redeem your past mistakes and eliminate them!
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Bonus note: Imagine if someone could convince Scott to give us Moon Minions just so Freddit can play it together (of course, Landorf firstly needs to repair the darn game) with him and get to finally see Creation for the first time. Waiting for him to free his space of time could solidly work, since he's busy with a lot of stuff currently in mind, and all we can do for now is wait for him to be more vigilant like he once used to be here and on Reddit, otherwise we will not soon find out how the creature looks like at all! Comment edited by Convert2Double on 14/03/2019
Comment edited by Convert2Double on 14/03/2019
Comment edited by Convert2Double on 14/03/2019
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 17th March, 2019

Easy to talk when you've released nothing....
Posted by MonadoBoy64 21st March, 2019

Posted by BigAl0104 26th March, 2019

@ Convert2Double

I mean, I get your point and that we should be more original, but it doesn't really hurt to make something that is inspired by someone else's work in my opinion. Plus, everyone does it with FNaF, so we're not the only ones, and I am just making games for fun. It's not my job or anything and I am not trying to be a professional, it's just a hobby that I enjoy doing. If it were my job, then I would have to be WAY more original and professional, but it's not my job. I mean sure, I can still be original while it's my hobby, but I don't want to be a professional just yet.
Posted by Ambrion 10th April, 2019
Rated :

In my case scenario here, don't give FNaF as an example if you're going to talk about stuff like that. My point from Morgan's half direct and half indirect comment for this game was to make him be more fundamental with some primitive and extra involved stuff and that he can even become a better content creator publishing projects publically, whether it has attention or no attention, reviews or no reviews, it being a GOTW or not reaching the front page, having someone supporting the game or just nobody having time for it. It all goes how it goes; everything in life happens like a ying yang orientation, and once that does its job, it cannot be edited.

As for begging someone to be more original (even though I just mentioned content creation)... it's never that easy. It's never that easy, and especially when you want to come up with a mechanic not even Sunsoft has ever came up with. Guts and effort should be used most of the time trying to be a person attempting to make stuff like that, but ''small inspirations'' or just simple references are never bad. If it's something COMPLETELY ripped off of another source, then you better watch out for that glock of existence. A13 is passed, and so should be people that are self-aware of something that will not get them in trouble will be too. I haven't noticed how it looks like when your creation that crosses with someone else's trademark gets taken down, but that doesn't mean it will NEVER happen. Who knows; it might just be the shape of our mind.

So, to end this off by just suggestively saying those words out loud; it is actually never a wrong thing to TRY and GO FOR IT. Of course, what I just said after the originality drama COMPLETELY changed the direction of all of this, but remember; it is generally all useful to know.
Posted by TheComicalMelon 30th April, 2019
Rated :

This game makes me think we're stuck in the past somehow. I think "Inspired by Scott Cawthon" means more than it claims to mean.
Posted by Carnivorous id 30th April, 2019

Fun little game! I look forward to your next project.
Posted by BigAl0104 5th May, 2019

@ TheComicalMelon

Agreed! And also yes, this game makes me think of the same thing.
Comment edited by BigAl0104 on 05/05/2019
Posted by Billybobjoe198 19th May, 2019
Rated :

This is exactly what I think of when I think "MMF game".
Simple enough for someone to casually produce, solid enough mechanics, short and interesting enough to finish.

Cool game. I admire completion more than original art, sound, or fancier programming.
Good work if you ask me. I can't tell you how many projects I've started that stalled due to biting off more than I could chew.
Posted by TheComicalMelon 4th June, 2019
Rated :


That is way too true, I also admire people who can actually complete a game, and not make 12 cancellations.
Posted by gamekit 2nd July, 2019
Rated :

Pretty fun, but there should be an attack cooldown. when you click extremely fast, you can beat the shadow beast in 20 seconds.
Posted by Game 0 22nd June, 2021

Good game






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