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Mech Land DEMO
Author: The MPP Submitted: 4th April, 2018 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 153

Edited By The MPP on 04/04/2018

NOTE : This is only the DEMO of the game. It is only one level long and doesn't save your progress.

Story :
In the year 3276, machines have taken over the Earth and almost all natural life forms have been extinct.
You play as A.N.D.Y., the last human-built droid that is on a mission to destroy all commander bots to give the earth another chance.

Controls :
Arrow keys - Move A.N.D.Y.
Shift - Jump
Z - Fire Laser
Esc - Quit Game

Lives :
At the top of your screen there is a red bar, that bar is your HP. If your HP goes to 0 you lose a life. If you have 0 lives you get a game over. Some enemies drop upgrades to increase your HP.

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Posted by MonadoBoy64 4th April, 2018

Hey MPP I have a bit feedback for the Mech Land Demo. But first what happened to Mars Scape? Did Mech Land became Mars Scape or it was canceled? I don't am guessing.

But anyway for the Mech Land Demo it was...okay. It wasn't bad but it was average. In my opinion, the level up system is pointless. I does nothing or shows it's improving on something. The gameplay kinda feels a bit boring. Am guessing why am feeling that is possiblely that the smaller enemies don't move they just stay in place and shoot and that when you collide with the enemies you don't lose any health and your not in a need to stay alive in that your given lots of health from killing enemies. And speaking of lives, there no point to them. I say because in games like Super Mario Bros when you lose a life the stage restarts but in Mech Land, you just lose a life and you keep going. Why not just expand health and having have to explore the levels to find lives. Also when you get a life you health reset to be very low. That makes no sense, when getting a life in Super Mario Bros you just get the life and it doesn't affect Mario health/amount of hits you can before you die. I'm sorry MPP I had a lot to say, no it just the stuff I didn't like. And since the game is still in development things can change so good luck on finishing Mech Land and thanks for the demo!
Posted by The MPP 5th April, 2018

@MonadoBoy64 Thanks for the comment MonadoBoy64! I'll defiantly keep some of your ideas in mind for the full version.
And no, Mars Scape isn't cancelled. I'm just not very good at focusing on one project at a time, so I'm working on a bunch of games right now

Thanks for the feedback!
Posted by Ambrion 5th April, 2018
Rated :

This game is pretty good for a Megaknight rip-off (that game is a 2003 game made by Scott Cawthon, or as he's commonly known on this website; Hill Gigas)!
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The only issue I have is when I try to jump at a platform, the character jumps at the same place. It's like when he's touching it. That's where the issue is. You could try to fix that in the final version.<br />Comment edited by ConvertingBoi on 05/04/2018<br />
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Posted by AndyUK 15th April, 2018

It is a functional game but really needs a lot more to it to be any fun for the player.

Shooting a dozen bullets into each enemy just to get them out of your way gets boring really quickly and the enemies fill up so much of the levels there is no room for anything else.
Posted by MonadoBoy64 15th April, 2018

I agree AndyUK





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