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Review: Unknown Game 5002
Author: Nuklear41
Added: 02/12/2004

The great jonny smeby has released his highly anticipated game! Does It Conain its beef when it gets releced. It certainly does. This is the most time consuming and crappy game that was ever made, but it is soooooooo cool. I can't get enough of the goats and the punches and the flashbacks. It is one great adventure. I shall tell you about this adventure.

Presentation: Hahahahahaha, I love it. Nice title screen with the cool special features. They are sooooooo cool. It is well worth a 10 in this section. He does tend to say to his pink background!

Gameplay: This game is soooooo cool. They game play is active and unusualy annoying. But the game is sooooooo cool. You think that you saved stuff, but you don't and then you end up in some odd strange universe. This only deserves a 10!

Graphics: THis is his shining section. All the Drawing and the special effects and the pow bang and shwish. He is and artist and artists deserve to get a 10 out of 10 for the time consuming work.

Sound and music: These are thousands of sounds and new music for just about every level. The goat.......... has no sounds. But I heard them in my head! THis only deserves, YES another 10!

Lastabuility: Ok, I got home at 3:00 and downloaded it. IT is now midnight and I am still playing it. I bet halo won't even last that long. You know why, because there is a german eatary and scary bunnies in flaming dresses. this deservs a well 10!

OVerall: What do you think I am going to give this. I shall give it a (carbonated cheese) 10 OUT OF 10!! woooohoooo for jonny.

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