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Review: Unknown Game 5002
Author: X-Member19479
Added: 03/12/2004

After long waits, it's out. Jonny RPG. Even if the game has really nice gfx and playability, it has some serious problems in it also. As a lot of people replied, I have to reply too. Don't get offended by some of the negative things I say. It's just a matter of criticism. Here we go then:


At the start of the game you see an option to change the resolution, which I think would have been better if you put it in a options menu at the main menu. The screen size isn't really good. Even if you make it 640*480. I think you made it 320*240 which is pretty small to see around. I liked the menu. Nothing original of the view of the menu but it's ok for all. The extras section is quite nice. But an options selection could have made it better. Being able to shut the music or the sfx are sometimes necessary. I gave: 8/10


I have to say that gameplay, especially the movement engine you used is really buggy sometimes. Especially at the "Daily Pub" where it's sometimes impossible to walk at hte upper section of the building. This sometimes happens in other areas of the game by the way. Maybe you should have worked more on the engine and made better collisions of the objects. Because this makes the game unplayable sometimes and gets me really frustrated. I gave:6/10


I actually liked the gfx of it game, but waited more advanced gfx from an artist like you. With probably better textures and aniamtions of the player. Some Imported gfx from other places makes the game look bad in my perspective. It doesn't fit the game and sometimes it's bigger than the average size of the characthers in the game. You should check that out. I gave:8/10

Sound And Music

Not much I can say of the sfx, they are above standarts and suit the needs of the game. Except for the jumping sound I think all of the sfx are original. Could have been better maybe if worked on it a bit more. I gave:8/10


The game will last until it's finished. Dunno wheter anyone will play it all over again. It's their choice. It's a fun game. Except for some problems in the gameplay. If they are fixed than it will be a long lasting game. I gave:8/10


I gave you a pretty high score even if the gameplay was bad. But I think you did a really nice job of making a game like this. It has an original idea. That's what most gameplayers look in a game.I gave:8/10


Sound and Music:

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