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Review: Unknown Game 5002
Author: Blackgaze
Added: 04/12/2004

Spiderhead's Review of "Jonny RPG"

The presentation is just excellent, it has been detailed like a real game. Although "pink" isn't my favourite colour I am worried about Jonny for using it... anyway the presentation is just gold gold
Presentation: 9/10

I have played many klik games which good gameplay before but the gameplay of this has to be the best I have played for a long time. I have had an interest of RPG games (final fantasy, Diablo 2 etc) and this has to be the weirdest gameplay of a RPG I have seen, a "paranormal" person which a magic attack? I didn't see that one coming...
Anyway the gameplay has to be the best part of the game.
Gameplay: 9/10

Again amazing pixel work, although this game is suppose to be weird and done whatever Jonny wants it to be I still dislike the photo pictures of characters and some library graphics, oh well it happens (For example South Park)
Graphics: 9/10

Some reason I adore the music at the title screen, I donít know why but I think I have a thing for computer game music. Although the music fits into the game most of it is just the basic music from some Clickteam products. The sound fits in well, even the horrible and very annoying that you will kill Jonny if you meet him on the streets although he is in a different country to me; the sound is good...
Sound and Music: 8/10

Except the "happy doom face" and the "portal level of the bike" this game has kept me playing more than 90% of all klik games (I got bored of "The Spirit Engine" within 5 mins, great code and graphics though) Anyway this game kept me going, maybe because the madness reminds me of Invader Zim, Family Guy etc.
Lastability: 9/10

This has to be one of the greatest klik games and it deserves to be a classic, I think it should be in the top 10 games. Although I was not mentioned in "The Daily Pub" I might be featured in the updated version, so thanks
Overall: 9/10

Excellent job

Sound and Music:

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