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Review: Unknown Game 5002
Author: 醤油の兵士
Added: 05/12/2004

The menu system was all nice and clean cut. It stayed FAIRLY consistent. I changes slightly going between the main screen and the extras menu, which was ok. Then the "A little more crap" section completely deviates from the standard menu system. And none of the characters got any special speech boxes. It would also have been nice if Jonny had included the video codec he used to compress the movies, as this caused me a lot of trouble getting the game to play for the first day and a half.

Nothing extraordinary. there are a few bugs in it that can cause some annoyance, such as in the soccer match versus the schnitzel, I would frequently get stuck on top of him, requiring a reload. The soccerball didn't react to realistically either. I didn't experience any problems with the general movement system. In the portal games, there were some bugs in the car engine where I'd end up on top of a house which will cause you to flip back and forth until you die. The bike engine seemed a little buggy too(only to your advantage this time) where you could land at impossible angles.

Graphics(10/10)(rating taken only from his sprites):
All the sprites in the game worked well together, I especially loved how he took out those KnP graphics, and of course, it was completely intentional as a part of the game because of the old man saying "I'm from the KnP library." He justifies every KnP graphic in this game, that and the theme of randomness throughout this game.

Sound and Music(8/10):
Some of the musics just didn't fit too well into parts of the game, or could have been improved by using a more random music, such as for the first level with "Peanut Butta Jelly Time" would have been better with the badgerphone animation (this is an opinion) But all the sound effects added to the game in some way, from the jump sound to the archaelogical dig.

I've already unlocked everything in the game and beaten super mode in only two days. There are probably many random in-game things I missed, things like the keypad.

Sound and Music:

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