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Review: Unknown Game 5002
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus
Added: 03/12/2004

Jonny RPG
Reviewed by Lazarus on the 3rd December 2004
Jesus loves to eat orphans!

From the demented mind of resident kliker Jonny Smeby comes an insane romp through randomness called 'Jonny RPG'. He has succesfully pulled off one the greatest Click RPGs ever. It's as close as we're going to come to a community game.
A while back, Jonny started a avatar fad: you would draw yourself in an avatar, and then he'd put you in the game. He also had a whole 'random comment' thing, where clickers placed random comments for him to use.
Anyway, here comes the review:

Pink...very pink. The Jonny Comics logo pops up, cool as usual (with a Pink border, might I add), followed by a PINK title screen, with PINK checkered backround. The game features a nice arrow-controlled menu. Yay! 10/10

.::Gameplay::. 9/10
To me, this feels more like a adventure game- you run around, exploring wackey envoriments inculding the Smeby Home, the neighborhood, a desart, forest areas, a cool Clicker Pub, and more. Along the way, you can eat food, kill Tomato Head for Ketchup, battle enimies, and collect temporary power-ups. You can also ride your goat-thing, Spanky. There are various bosses to defeat, and I'd say the hardest (and the most annyoing) would be the 'Click My Box' Happy Doom Joy thing.
It was really cool to go into the Daily Pub, and find tons of Clickers, inculding Circy, (who has a Pokemon-type battle, and is bare naked except for some boxer shorts). Also, I'm there, and I get to say 'DOOM'. I like doom. But I didn't like my graphic. I made it to long ago...Anyway, it was cool and stuff.

.::Graphics::. 10/10
Amazing! He has a variety of diffrent styles inculded in the game. He also has a bunch of graphics made by other clickers. He also has some nice hand-drawn art in there too.

.::Sound/Music::. 9/10
Ah, such a wide variety there is: diffrent music on every level, random sounds, fun little mario-jumpy sounds, and more! Sometimes, the music get's annyoing, but I can live with that.

.::Lastability/Overall::. 9/10
Well, since it's a fairly long (and hard) game, this could last forever! Also, there are some cool extra features, all of which are funny and stuff. Overall, Jonny RPG is a Click Classic that will be handed down from Clicker to Clicker...and stuff. YAY!

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