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Review: Unknown Game 5002
Author: Keiretsu [PX Software]
Added: 02/12/2004

(traslated by Damien, for original italian version visit:

So here I am to review one of the best and most awaited games in the international community!
Let's start by saying that Jonny RPG is not an RPG, as the name may make you think, but a mix of different genres. Let's say it's an adventure with arcade and rpg elements in it.l

Jonny RPG has a menu, or even, has very well done graphics (i'll talk about them later)
The animations are fluid and excellently used: there's even an animation for the menu opening! Also notice how the autor has taken the strange but original decision NOT to keep the game in a default screen but to fill anyway all the screen with a nice and pleasant pink...what can I say: strange, but I think's been a good move.
Another notable point is that you have the possibility to change the game resolution directly from the start...and here i'd say a "FINALLY!"
Going back to the menu, here you find four options: New and Load to start a new game and to load a previously saved one (would have you told that?), then an "Extra" section of which I'll talk about better later, and the classic Quit to quit the game. In the menu there is even a "special" with a link where you can download "Dancing Cactuses" to celebrate the 1st of December, Jonny RPG's release date, but Jonny must have taken it down. Once you have chosen the New section the game will ask you in which mode you wish to play, I thoroughly recommend Normal. And there starts the intro...

But let's pass now to a detailed description.

Could an artist NOT astonish us by the graphic side? No, and I can tell with absolute certainty that Jonny beats all the graphic creations I've ever seen (talking about pixel art)! Eternal Daughter is miles away from the colour choice (one of the things I have most appreciated in Jonny RPG together with the animations of which I've already talked about).
All of the colours used in Jonny RPG have an excellent contrast and are therefore don't hurt so much the eyes, unlike other clickgames. I don't want to be boring keeping on talking about graphics (that is nearly flawless for me) So le'ts talk about the...

There's little to say even on this hand: the programming is an average one, even if it has some goodies like Jonny's movement while chained to the fridge or the first boss' minigame (the one you have to beat while flying) I have found no bugs, maybe the engine could be done better as could the superposition of an active on another (sometimes, if you die while talking with someone, the nim of the exploding pf is visualized over the conversation window or sometimes the pg is some pixels over the active when he should be behind), but they are pointless critics. But I had to write something, so...

Music and sound
Another good part of the game, my God, I'm loving the background music of the menu or that of the first city adolfo The sound could be better: they aren't low quality or "ugly", but I only say that everything but the jump (Super Mario rulez), the attack and some interludes all the rest has no sound...bad lack for a game with a divine

Its length is something incredible: I haven't finished it yet, but if it's as it's said, IT'S SO LONG!

Briefly: one of the best clickgames. DOWNLOAD!

Sound and Music:

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