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Review: Unknown Game 5002
Author: Jimmy Brzezicki
Added: 02/12/2004

I know Iím not the first person to review this game, and Iím certain that I wont be the last, but I felt I should anyway. The game deserves it.
When I first saw this on the boards a while back, I thought it looked interesting, and it seemed to be a pretty original idea. As the saga went on, the game got more and more hyped (and with good reason), but my interest dwindled. You see Jonny made this very clear that this was a game about him, and while I donít want him to take this the wrong way, I didnít really know him. Here was someone Iíd never met telling me he was weird and interesting enough for a game about his life to be well worth playing. This didnít make me dislike him or the game, but it did seem more than a little introverted. Nevertheless, it turns out that Jonny wasnít lying.
This is, as many before have said and many more will say, an outstanding game. It really is experimental, but itís randomness turns out to be completely organised. The situations, while consistently absurd, are always fresh and new. You never know what is going to happen next, except that it is something that will not have happened before. There are tons of excellent mini games, but the overall style means that the game never gets disjointed as a result. There are no filler levels, and everything is presented with panache as brief movie cut scenes herald a new area or boss, all accompanied by some brilliant and very appropriate music.
The graphics too are brilliantly drawn, and in perfect fitting with the rest of the game. My only minor gripe is that Jonny only has four directions, two of which are reflections of the others. It seems ironic that Jonny made a whole game about himself but couldnít be bothered to draw himself in more than two directions. Then again, the game isnít really about him; itís about the world as he sees it.
Crucially, he never tries to force his opinions on us, and doesnít give any sense of superiority. If anything, heís been quite self-depreciating with the sense of humour. As a result, the game is not so much en ego trip, but an excuse to explore his world in a wacky and amusing way. For example TDC regulars will revel in seeing all the clickers you know and love (well, know at least), in particular dancing Circy.
Letís put it this way, I found myself playing this instead of Half-life 2. You canít give a game much bigger praise than that. This isnít just a brilliant click game, itís the very epitome of what an independent game should be; itís unrestrained by the bounds of publisher control, and it recognises the freedom and goes off dancing in the woods as a result. Very few games do that.

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