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Classics Bazooka Jim
Author: Ashman Submitted: 2nd August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 475

Note : This is NOT my game. But after Rikus put up Atom Boy 2 it just seemed right to put up it's almost as good counterpart.

This is a very fun yet dated platformer. It follows the same style as Atom Boy 2. Blow up baddies to save the Earth by using a endlessly charged bazooka. Very fun and quite hard. Get this classic KNP game.

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Posted by Ashman 2nd August, 2002

Right Click and Save as to download.
Posted by Ashman 2nd August, 2002

This game was made by 'THE YAK' by the way. To find out more info you'll have to of course download the game.
Posted by Simdrone052 2nd August, 2002

This is a lot better than atom boy... Gfx, Gameplay, everything...
Posted by Ashman 2nd August, 2002

LOL I have to agree with Podunkian. I think there should be. These games deserve a section of their own. Has anyone ever heard of and old KNP adventure game called 'Freddie Trims a tree' it is excellent as well if I remember correctly.
Posted by Shaggs 3rd August, 2002

Freddie Trims A Tree Was definantly a fun game...this classic section sounds like a good idea:)
Posted by Jason Orme 3rd August, 2002

I played this ages ago!
Posted by matrixkitty 3rd August, 2002

when i try to run it sez compressed (zipped) file is damaged or corrupted i tried re d\l it but it sez the smae message any help
Posted by Wompo 3rd August, 2002

Hmm, when I try to start the game, nothing happens...?
Posted by colej_uk 3rd August, 2002

A classic section would be good
Posted by Duncan 3rd August, 2002

I see it shares Atom Boy's Horrid explosion collision-detection. Wonderful!
Posted by Proteus 3rd August, 2002

Dude! This was the first klik game I downloaded! I had this on my hard disk before I knew Virtually Real! This game ROCKS - it was FANTASTIC for it's time! A definate classic, Ashman!
Posted by :JULI@N: 3rd August, 2002

I can't open the zip file!!!!, it says: Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive. If you downloaded this file, try downloading the file again. I downloaded it 3 times, and the same thing happened
Posted by Crono 3rd August, 2002

The files messed up then
Posted by The Gonz 3rd August, 2002

Ever heard of Jeff Minter? He created some great games back in the 80s and 90s for various platforms (Vic-20, C64, Jaguar) and went by the pseudonym The Yak. His website can be found at What does this have to do with Bazooka Joe? Not much, except for the nickname of the author.... :)
Posted by zork25 9th August, 2002

Ashman, i do remember that game, it was really great
Posted by zork25 9th August, 2002

Im reffering to 'Trim the Tree'
Posted by ~gamerz~ 23rd August, 2004

well actually the link doesnt work!!!!!!!
Posted by Neek 27th August, 2004

Posted by Tom Greenaway 6th November, 2015

A few things:
- Bazooka Jim was made by the Yak (but not Jeff Minter), the Yak was the nickname of my brother James Greenaway. My name is Tom Greenaway.
- My brothers and I made games when we were younger including Atom Boy 1 & 2 and Bazooka Jim. Edward Greenaway made Atom Boy, which is why (as Duncan pointed out) it shares the explosion collision detection from Bazooka Jim.
- James and I have made some "real" commercial games in the last few years: Bean's Quest, Time Surfer, Duet, Bean Dreams. You can check them out here:

If I hadn't made games with K&P when I was younger I would never have been able to make the games I make nowadays

Lastly, I'll see if I can dig up an old build for Bazooka Jim and link it here





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