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Legacy of a Ninja : Chapter One
Author: Ashman Submitted: 11th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 224

This is a Ninja Adventure/Platformer that won me third place in the DC comp.

Basically, a Ninja Master called Taru Han takes his apprentice (You) to meet the king at the castle. Unfortunately, there are corpses everywhere and you must make your escape and seek reinforcements. With the aid of a trusty fairy type creature called Minjet, you must defeat enemies and level up so you are strong enough to defeat a dark fallen Ninja called Beronju.

This Chapter takes you up to two bosses in. You should acquire two techniques, an orb, and one Mystic by the time the chapter is out. Can you do it?

All enemies need a different technique to kill. Personalize as to survive. Jumping over enemies may seem easy, but when you get to bosses, you won't have the strength.

The closer to enemies you are when you swing your sword, the more damage you inflict.

Possible Bug : If you cannot pass the Castle area, start a new file. This should fix it. Don't ask me why this happens.

Controls are explained in the game. Enjoy.

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Posted by Hayo 11th August, 2003

Thumbs up! :)
Posted by CYS 11th August, 2003

Great graphics!
Posted by Muggus 11th August, 2003

I'll do ya the favour and download it Ash :P
Posted by CYS 11th August, 2003

It may has graphics and story but lack gameplay. It has bad level design and controls. Sorry...but Thumb Down...
Posted by Hagar 11th August, 2003

Ive given it thumbs up :-)
Posted by Maddie 11th August, 2003

Posted by Jason Orme 11th August, 2003

While graphically nice.. the game play is really bad, and the controls are pretty buggy, *thumbs down* NOTE: Too Much Mystical NInja Music Used
Posted by Jenswa 11th August, 2003

I'll check it out.
Posted by MIG2 11th August, 2003

nice game i like the graphic style and color are well chosen.adventure/action is my favourite gaming type, i see the action but no the adventure side ,the game is quite linear .but maybe that's only because i not progressed a lot in the game ( i don't know how to pass the cave because walls are to high) i also regret 2 unbalanced features --you need to many shurikens to destroy a wandering ninja---you must be very close of the ennemy to strike it with your sword,that is very dangerous. however nice game -- thumbs up
Posted by iami 11th August, 2003

hey dude, ash, man fix the file when i click on those 2 links it goes to another download page and when i click at that page it only downloads the actual link itsself which is 2.9kb
Posted by iami 11th August, 2003

nvm it works but now i gotta install my download accelerater cuz i uninstalled it
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 11th August, 2003

the graphics are amazing, only the gameplay. One suggestion: The player's attack range is as far as the enemy's so we can't get close to them to attack. I hated to say that but it actually is something that is really needed to improve. After that i can say its a good game! oh, and don't leave out the borders please, I hate it when ppl leave out borders in their games. If it's not going to be fullscreen keep the border on, So we can close it with the mouse instantly instead of pressing ctrl+alt+del.
Posted by RPG4Lif3 11th August, 2003

um im having troble downloading anybdy else?
Posted by 醤油の兵士 11th August, 2003

i am i'm having the same problem iami had, tried save target as too
Posted by Jack Galilee 11th August, 2003

me :( i cant download
Posted by Ashman 12th August, 2003

Thanks for the positive response. Gameplay is meant to be hard. Get close and swing like shit to kill them. Btw, I hate the thumbs system. No-one ever reviews now. Sorry, I know it is a bitch to download. I am working on getting it on a new server. I'll be with you soon.
Posted by Steve Harris 12th August, 2003 Done it for ya Ash!
Posted by Hayo 12th August, 2003

people should only be able to vote after they wrote a review about the game.
Posted by Blackgaze 12th August, 2003

so all 1000 active members need to write about 1000 reviews to vote? lol
Posted by Ashman 12th August, 2003

Actually Hill Gigas, enemies are supposed to die when they're Alt value hits X or over. Generally X is about 10. After a couple of level ups, you can make light work of most baddies. You have to kill baddies pretty damn quick, because they regenerate after a while. It's pretty slow though so I don't see how it would be impossible to kill them. I don't know why it happened to you. Thanks Neo. I tried that already but it wouldn't work. I was meaning to talk to you.
Posted by Steve Harris 13th August, 2003

No probs :)
Posted by Asholay 14th August, 2003

Er- two words: Shit game Totally rigged with bugs- everything that can go wrong does. If this gets 3rd place for a comp these days then it says something huh!
Posted by Strife 14th August, 2003

I kinda agree with the negatives. Yes, I do love the awesome "Super NES" graphics, but it's just too easy to die while sword-fighting (instead, dashing works best on a lot of enemies). Suggestion? Make the sword longer, or make enemies attack less often.
Posted by Jack Galilee 16th August, 2003

I could be more helpfull if i could download the damn thing :(
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 16th August, 2003

how did it get 32 thumbs up when the comments are bad?
Posted by Strife 17th August, 2003

Two words, Zap: Graphics. The graphics in this game are amazing, and even though some people don't like the game's gameplay, the game itself looks real professional-like. But I still find it wierd that this game is the #5 best game on TDC. (I said 'game' 6 times :D gamegamegamegamegame!)
Posted by Shme (Stupid Liar) 20th August, 2003

sweet game. graphics are kind of wacky, the characters i mean. why do they have that double outline?
Posted by gustav 3rd September, 2003

this is fucking horrible. everything from graphics to gameplay makes me sick. fix the bugs and stop trying so hard.





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