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Noughts & Crosses
Author: Ashman Submitted: 2nd October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 96

Welcome to Noughts & Crosses for PC. I hope you enjoy.

*** Play ***
I'm sure everyone is familiar with the rules of N & C but I will refresh the minds of those who have forgotten. The goal is to create a straight line of three objects (noughts or crosses depending on the player). Place your pieces one at a time through a series of alternate shots. The beginner is randomly selected and press SPACE to place it. There are 3 modes, Easy 1P, Hard 1P and 2P. It's pretty easy to play.

Two player has text above the selection curser to signify whos turn it is. Pay attention to this as to avoid taking your friends turn.

Thanks to Tigerworks for the use of his midis.

PS : Before I get any comments about the 'Hard' mode, Yes I know it's still easy to win. The difference between the difficulty :

Easy Mode : Mainly random, a little calculated
Hard Mode : Scans board to see if you can win in one more move. If so it will block it. If not, it will place a piece in an attempt to win itself. The Hard AI's first priority is stopping you.

Enjoy this well made time filler.

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Posted by Ashman 2nd October, 2002

Turn off D'load resuming programs and do not right click save as. Left click and it will goto a 'this file is hosted by' page. Click on the link there to download.
Posted by DBack 2nd October, 2002

Tic Tac Toe where I live
Posted by Ashman 2nd October, 2002

Yeah I thought thats what it's other name was but I wasn't sure.
Posted by Muggus 2nd October, 2002

Not bad...great hmmm...i expect MORE though, there's gotta be more to it than just that...the AI ain't too good either...but it's still alright for a little game.
Posted by OFFINC/Aharms 2nd October, 2002

Finally!! I can play tic tac toe by myself! I won't have to waste time drawing four lines on paper or making a friend to fufill by need "n and c" needs!!!
Posted by David 3rd October, 2002

Posted by royal knight software 3rd October, 2002

it could use a better AI. i beat the AI in 10 sec. the AI dosnt try to stop you
Posted by Stian B. 3rd October, 2002

Yes,the AI is very poor. Make it better,and it will be more fun to play.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 3rd October, 2002

needless to say my meaning then ;)
Posted by Ashman 4th October, 2002

Sometimes the AI is good and others it's really really crappy. I can't figure out why it differs so I can't really fix it. Sorry.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 11th October, 2002

I LIKE IT!!! :) besides its better then i could make!!
Posted by Jon Chambers 9th January, 2004

Ashman that's stupid, sorry, I've just decided to check out all your games today. Anyway, what's the point of stopping someone if you can win in one move?
Posted by Buster 3rd October, 2005

Hey fuck you Jon Chambers. He did his best. Which was better than anything you could do you pompus sack of crap.





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