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Author: steve Submitted: 23rd September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 336

Welcome to the World of Ballmaster: You are summon here to join the battle for the best. With your Balls, you will fight in different arenas to wrack up your points. With more points, shop for better Balls and fight further in your journey. Do you have the balls to take on the challenge?!

NEW to Ballmaster:
* Allow tag team of 3 Balls with dynamic switch
* 60 unique Balls to battle with! From the common Vex Ball to the unique Zuis Ball...
* 20 powerful weapons at your disposal: Ice Beam, Magnum, Sniper, Blade, Bubble, Harpoon, Bomb, Shotgun, Pulsar, Magma, Star Shooter, Bazooka, Cannon, Fire Burst, Flame Thrower, Cluster, Shadow Gun, Ballista, and the Ultimate Lightning Railgun!
* 12 Armor Type to equip your Ball.
* 10 Thematic Worlds to battle in: Desert, Island, Grassland, Ice World, Peak, Ghost Town, Summit, City, Volcano Land, and Hell.
* Over 30 unique foes that stands in your way!
* Hone your skill in coliseum Battle
* Music created by ED Composer Dave Saulesco

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Posted by 23rd September, 2002

WoW, sounds great, Downloading now.
Posted by 23rd September, 2002

i mean looks great, lol
Posted by 23rd September, 2002

damn, u have to BUY it to play the full game... u should have put it in ur description....
Posted by Broomie 23rd September, 2002

i`ve already got good balls
Posted by Karl Hedlund 23rd September, 2002

Hey, I got no balls. You say I can't play the game then?
Posted by steve 23rd September, 2002

I'm not here to sell the game. I'm just presenting my klick software for the DC community so fellow klickers like you can help me review, suggest, or critisize this game as well as learn from it.
Posted by 24th September, 2002

paying for a klick game isn't worth it....
Posted by Jenswa 24th September, 2002

but the game? a klick game? i am sorry, but that's not worth it.
Posted by Mark 24th September, 2002

depends on how good the klik game
Posted by ReXX 24th September, 2002

This game isn't worth buying. Sorry, but it just lacks depth.
Posted by steve 24th September, 2002

To people commenting on the game: please review the content specifically rather than the potential to sell.
Posted by Levi 24th September, 2002

karl, you have no balls, and your name is karl? what a horrible name for a female..
Posted by Zi-Xiao 24th September, 2002

well, its a cool concept, but not one that i'd pay for.
Posted by Soul Keeper 24th September, 2002

Pretty good, not sure i'd buy it.
Posted by Karl Hedlund 25th September, 2002

Haha I was just joking around man :)
Posted by TheTrasher 25th September, 2002

Mmmm, it's OK.
Posted by Chris 25th September, 2002

Sorry man i no like. It is no snood..
Posted by N.i.k.o. 26th September, 2002

Doesn't look so good to me. Graphics are nice but they are too gradient.I won't dload this.
Posted by Jenswa 26th September, 2002

it's a nice game. But you really think you can get any money out of this?
Posted by steve 26th September, 2002

Yup, I made money out of this =)
Posted by eric 26th September, 2002

its super crappy youre trying to sell click games. and i done mean to sound like a prejudiced asshole, but english games youre trying to sell should have good english. maybe thats just my opinion.
Posted by eric 26th September, 2002

its sort of funny i went and spelled 'dont' wrong while talking about good english. maybe if this comment box were a smidge bigger...
Posted by steve 26th September, 2002

Tell me Eric, what part of the game contains gramatically error, spelling error, or idiom misuse. There is a difference between you "knowing" the English is bad versus you "thinking" the English is bad.
Posted by eric 29th September, 2002

if it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, its probably a duck.
Posted by Shen 15th December, 2002

Unless it's not a duck.






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