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Ballmaster I.Q.
Author: steve Submitted: 29th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 183

You combine Balls and Bombs and a puzzle board and you get Ballmaster I.Q.

There are 5 phases, try to beat them in 30 minutes:
1 - easy, anyone past preschool can beat it
2 - novice, anyone past elementary school can beat it
3 - hard, middle-high school tough
4 - hardest, I'll hand it to you for beating this
5 - normal, =

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Posted by Strife 30th July, 2003

This puzzle game is nice and challenging, just the way I like it! Well done. But I noticed something; there's a "Go To Main Menu" button, but when I click on it, nothing happens. Besides that, it's a great game. :)
Posted by steve 30th July, 2003

Thanks for your comment Strife. There is technically no main menu yet, thus the button is just a placeholder for now =)
Posted by Rott bott 30th July, 2003

Cool name. I don't think we talk about the same balls, though... :)
Posted by Strife 30th July, 2003

What do you mean, Philip? Anywayz, I just beat all five levels. I hope another version of the game comes out soon, with tons more levels. :) Keep working on it, dude. ;)
Posted by Kramy 30th July, 2003

I beat 3, but got stuck on the fourth. :( Good job though, it's fun to play. :) One bug - you can drop bomps on heads...just click in the transparent corners. Other bug - sometimes heads don't move even though a bomb exploded. This might be caused by whatever movement type the heads have.
Posted by steve 31st July, 2003

Thanks for the input guys!
Posted by Evil Monkey 1st August, 2003

I can't beat the third! It's nearly impossible!





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