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Author: steve Submitted: 15th July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 1778

In a world dominated by colossal aircrafts, and destructive living robots, an evil empire is once again on the rise. One lone warrior stands ready to fight against legions of the deadly Usumo Federation...

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Posted by Robbie Shields 16th July, 2002

Awesome game!
Posted by ╗xerus 16th July, 2002

Mondo cool.... lol =)
Posted by SoftWarewolf 16th July, 2002

link dont work..
Posted by steve 16th July, 2002

More people review the game!
Posted by Dogzer 16th July, 2002

wow this game is great steve! Sugestion: The single little thing I would just lower down is the flashing effect of the main menu, its kind of buggy, although it is really cool.
Posted by The Chris Street 17th July, 2002

I'll dload it a bit later, but it looks very cool
Posted by steve 17th July, 2002

here is a powerful weapon combo to choose: 1. Yellow: tribeam 2. Red: cluster 3. Green: Shockstar 4. Blue: Antok Laser *there are also +70,000 of other weapon combo to try, find yours!
Posted by Yaen 17th July, 2002

This is just me, I feel obligated to speak out for once against bad games but why if you had a suit and tie i could call you bieber JR. bad games for sale, 100% hardcore classic and unpredictable movement! amazing features my man!
Posted by Rikus 18th July, 2002

Yaen, that must be the crapiest comment on a game i heard all week, congrats. Grow up man.
Posted by Yaen 18th July, 2002

Rikus you can eat me, I dont care. I hate seeing people sell klik stuff. They are a waste of space. honestly, would u buy this game? fuck no u wouldnt. We are all at this "wanna be successful" or make it big stage at one point in our lives but if he wasnt telling ppl to review his game I would of left him alone. inspite of such I find it mind boggling for ppl create such average games and demand money for all their "hard work". I look at the people who truely work to create something great and they ask for NOTHING, they just want to make great games so people can play em. not so they can make a quick buck. to me klik games arnt about money they are about enjoying creation because you can create.
Posted by Caderay 18th July, 2002

Yaen's right. This game has some decent features and alright 3D, and I emphasize that, 3D graphics. I hate 3D games by the way. Anyways, that's not the point. This game is average at best and to be commercial it's very poor. If it was purely freeware I would have enjoyed playing this game for a couple days maybe and shrugged it off. But the fact that he's decided to say this game is worth money really angers me. Don't sell klik games, it's an unwritten rule.
Posted by ben_02 18th July, 2002

The download... its so sloooow....
Posted by steve 18th July, 2002

This game has been on the net for almost half a year, and people really love this game. If you want respectable comments from my 400 signed-in guestbook, go visit:
Posted by steve 18th July, 2002

This is to Caderay and Yaen: I respect your opinion that you guys think klick games should not be sold. This is my opinion and I speak only for myself: I sell games because I feel it has enough hours of gameplay and enough content to play with. I sell this game because I use MMF Pro, the creation software powerful enough to make this game and the ability for it to allow me to sell it. Lastly, what made me decide to finish this game and sell it is the emails and guestbook entries of people who tells me they really enjoy HeliumMan and wished to see more. I think klick programmers should be proud, not angry, that there are klick products bold enough to step out of the freeware niche and jump into the internet shareware gaming world. Because, it shows that klick product are not simple creation tools only used to display small applications but that klick products has the potential to compete in the ever-growing gaming industry. Of course, this is only my opinion.
Posted by Robbie Shields 18th July, 2002

Why can't people sell games created in MMF? I'm sure if you created a game and sold it, you wouldn't like people saying what you said about your game. This game is the best Klik game I have ever played and although that is my personal opinion, I feel you should play the game some more and see how good it is. Caderay, just because you dislike 3D games DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL HATE THIS GAME. I respect the fact that you feel Klik games should not be sold but, why not? It's not an unwritten rule. Did you say that about Dragon Ninja Saga and Hateful Chris? Also, just because Steve wishes to sell a product he has spent many weeks working on does not mean you should slam his decision to sell the game..
Posted by Killerjedi 18th July, 2002

Personally, I would buy Helium Man if it was a little easier. I can't beat the demo, always die at the last area with all the big ships.
Posted by Ben Talbot 18th July, 2002

So? If I put a lot of time and effort into a game, and I think that it's commercial quality, I have the right to sell it. When you make a game good enough to sell, it's not selling out. You are perfectly right to make money off of something that you've put a lot of time and effort into.
Posted by Caderay 18th July, 2002

Yes, maybe. Eternal Daughter was good enough to sell yet blackeye made it freeware because they are in this for the love of gaming. Helium man is a decent game, but like I said, when you compare this to most commercial games it doesn't even compare.
Posted by Keatonian 20th July, 2002

Why in my review there is a link? Oh, I accentuate. Get better voice
Posted by Keatonian 20th July, 2002

Oh, I was reading the posts. Steve that was very sentimental (mmpphhhmmpphph!) "Bold enough to".... I'm sorry but that was a little..... Stupid. I think only the very best klik games should be sold. (Honestly Dragon Ninja Saga is not worth the money.) Only a 9/10 10/10 game for the average should be sold.
Posted by reaver 21st July, 2002

The graphics in this game are really nice. I'm sure this will be the next gotw!
Posted by The Chris Street 22nd July, 2002

I hate to agree with Podunkian...but I do at this point in time. I cant see myself buying click games unless, in the very rare instance that the game is released to a huge acclaim (like ED was, but even that was controversial). When I buy games I look in professional magazines, for reviews written by people who know what they're talking about. There isn't a Klik Magazine yet, so peoples opinions on the net are the only ones that count, and they are not writing reviews for a living. Sorry if I'm being controversial, but thats the way I see it.
Posted by Crono 22nd July, 2002

If this gets more downloads that ed thats just wrong....
Posted by This Guy 23rd July, 2002

hang on a second now...HeliumManX is SHAREWARE!?
Posted by HOSJ 30th July, 2002

Define shareware
Posted by jason 3rd August, 2002

Yaen, Caderay, Podunkian, and Circy, you guys sound like a bunch of jealous hooligans... Get over it, your opinions would be respected if you guys have ACTUALLY spent the time to make a great game - but nooooo all you can do is criticize, and belittles yourselves. If he wants to sell a game he made, then so be it, why are you gonna waste your time trying to change his opinion?
Posted by Ashman 16th August, 2002

Jason is right. About Podunkian in particular, the others I'm not sure. This sucks, that sucks. Show us something that doesn't suck then.
Posted by DBack 9th September, 2002

Wow; a flamewar I actually missed.
Posted by Tomatoman (SUMGOO) 17th September, 2002

The game sucks
Posted by ┴rni Fannar Ůrßinsson 19th September, 2002

Great game......
Posted by David 21st September, 2002

Posted by David 21st September, 2002

Posted by JJ45 14th December, 2002

Please release this game as a free fullversion!
Posted by intarounon 24th May, 2003

The link didn't work!
Posted by ▀ | ° ° đ _ (/\) ! $ ţ 10th February, 2005

another aircraft shoot game! nice graphics and engine! u need do more games like that! :D
Posted by Pedro E. 21st July, 2005

The game is nice. But it does not make my style of games. Anyway it is great for shoot-em-up lovers. And as the MMF Pro let you have your free own copyrights to sell your own games. So I think everyone deserve to sell their piece of art that they created. Buy this game if you like it! Do not make illegal copies because you kill the artist! Because all the time that steve lost making it, he deserve it. As any other Artist. We leave in a free world, steve in his right. Congrats for your creation, Steve!
Posted by [EclektiK] 6th May, 2009
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I remember playing this game a few years ago, but I don't have it anymore. And the link is Dead
Posted by [EclektiK] 6th May, 2009
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Ok, I found a link in some Foreign Language site. Here's the link for those interested!






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