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Save the Meeklits!
Author: steve Submitted: 26th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 500
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Edited By Joshtek on 18/04/2024

Edited By steve on 2/3/2003

Edited By steve on 2/3/2003

Game is updated: v1.01. Time based and clearer interface

Help save the Meeklits now by lining the bubbles to match the bubbles trapping the Meeklits. Save more Meeklits in a row to earn more points and play longer. With 5 difficulty modes to play, novice and experts will enjoy this game. Save the Meeklits! is a very easy to learn puzzle game and yet at the same time, hard to master. With easy to use interface and professional quality graphics and mp3, you, your family, and friends will dive into this game with no problem. Go ahead, download now, and save some Meeklits!

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 27th January, 2003

VERY nice... was this made in MMFusion?
Posted by Smeggy 27th January, 2003

Very good design
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 27th January, 2003

I am the Meeklits commander! Sorry, couldn't resist. This is very nice, it's bloody addictive.
Posted by steve 27th January, 2003

Yup, this is made in MMF 1.5 =)
Posted by HOSJ 27th January, 2003

Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 27th January, 2003

Reviewed! (#60). And congratulations.
Posted by LilSean 27th January, 2003

This game feels very professional. Good Job Steve.
Posted by Dave 27th January, 2003

Very good job. Good graphics, good gameplay, nice and smooth.
Posted by alperoz49again 27th January, 2003

allright with graphics, gameplay but it's so.....hmmm for kids :) good job!
Posted by steve 27th January, 2003

Thanks for the comments guy, and Wong, thanks for the review. It would be helpful you you guys can give me suggestions on how I can improve this game =)
Posted by Yuhkaz 27th January, 2003

Go here! Good place to get games. It may be wrong URL, but try it. I found this website ages ago, has lots of tutorials I use these-a-days.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 28th January, 2003

Only thing I can think of is make it more difficult, but then I haven't played Insane mode.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 28th January, 2003

its a nice game.. but i dont agree to a 10 its better puzzle games out there.. sugestion: make it able to shoot from the top ;)
Posted by steve 28th January, 2003

Warewolf, what puzzle game out there are better in quality, playability,... I want to take a look
Posted by Chris 29th January, 2003

oh I know Snood and bust a move :P but I love your game, but, not gonna buy it sorry hell I still got 46 more games left
Posted by a1fie 29th January, 2003

Steve, A few suggestions: 1. The ctrl+p pause option should be removed (no unfair cheating). 2.You may want to have the sound, speed of bubbles etc as default on and identified with a Tick in the options screen, and use an x for off. 3. It would be nice if you had a small cannon animation when you fired or rotated. 4. You may want to include a Buy Now button on all levels in the demo version. 5. It might be more effective if you reduce the number of games you can play, instead of 50... maybe 15. You could determine the number of games by asking players/testers on how many games they played before they where addicted? Hope this helps. Alfie
Posted by steve 29th January, 2003

good idea a1fie. thanks for the comment. More suggestions the better =)
Posted by Chrisbo 29th January, 2003

Awesome game! I really like it!
Posted by Galaxy613 29th January, 2003

How did you come up with "Meeklits"? Great game!
Posted by steve 29th January, 2003

heh. Meek - they look shy Lit - they are small . Therefor , Meeklits
Posted by smoother 31st January, 2003

Nice looking game!!!! sweet!
Posted by a1fie 1st February, 2003

There was one other thing Steve, you ought to put Blue Tea Games in the copyright information... it's in the properties section of MMF Pro. This will then appear when someone right clicks the exe file. Alfie
Posted by Jeff 1st February, 2003

Great game, deserves a 10/10 :) Good work!! This game is good enough to sell ;) Even my mom likes the game :P
Posted by Mike [Mk Software} 1st February, 2003

maybe it wasnt made in mmf pro. maybe he made it in mmf standard? if he did he cant sell it.
Posted by steve 1st February, 2003

Just a note: You can sell games in MMF standard, you just have to add the Fusion Logo. BTW, this games is made in MMF Pro
Posted by steve 16th February, 2003

There are some new changes in this game, let me know what you guys think =)
Posted by Christian 20th February, 2003

Good game at first i thougt this was goining to suck ass
Posted by Broomie 20th February, 2003

"Even my mom likes the game" So does mine :P Great game... brilliant.
Posted by DaVince 15th September, 2007

"Warewolf, what puzzle game out there are better in quality, playability,... I want to take a look "







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