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Author: steve Submitted: 15th December, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 235


Meeklits is a simple puzzle game with crisp clean graphics, easy to learn gameplay, and cute characters. For those who have played the old version years ago, you'll find this game has implemented many new features. One notable feature is the Personalizing message, where you can make the Meeklits say what you want.

*Please let me know what you think of this game and if there are any bugs you've encountered.


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Posted by wario 16th December, 2005

Good way to tell someone you hate something you can't tell'em in they face.
Posted by wario 16th December, 2005

By the way, I wouldn't buy this game.
Posted by DaVince 16th December, 2005

Oh wow, it has finally been updated.

Has it been made free this time? Or is it still a 'buy me'?
Posted by X_Sheep 16th December, 2005

Apparently you enlarged their eyes. A lot.
Posted by wario 16th December, 2005

Its "a buy" I'm sure, since it keeps annoying you in-game to buy the game.
Posted by wario 17th December, 2005

Its a good game though. I like the unlockable meeklits thing.
Posted by vortex2 18th December, 2005

Great game .
Posted by Fragasnap 18th December, 2005

Great game . (^ me copy post! )
But I wouldn't buy it, just like wario said, there's not enough I'm missing out on.
Posted by X_Sheep 19th December, 2005

I think the "P" button for personalization on the title screen is annoying as hell. It interrupts me entering a P in the highscores. Change the hotkey, I say
Posted by izac 19th December, 2005

Who in there rightmind would ACTUALLY buy this game!? :\

i'm not being hard but, i could buy GTA san andreas for that price, and holy moly, what would you choose!?

GTA SA or meeklits?


i don't think so
Posted by Airflow 22nd December, 2005

Itś of pro quality as far as presentation goes but the commersial look makes me blind. AHHHGGHH!
Posted by ben mercer 23rd December, 2005

I personally wouldn't buy this, but i know there's a market for this type of game on the internet.
Posted by Airflow 26th December, 2005






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