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Meeklits v1.70
Author: steve Submitted: 26th May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 319
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Meeklits have been given a new boost. For those who have tried this game, the newer version has alot more to offer! For those who hasn't, here is what Meeklits is:

Your role is to save the Meeklits. Use your pubble popper to free them, save them in chains to score higher and unlock Bonus Meeklits. Save all Meeklits to win!

* Enchanced Graphics
* Clear Cut interface
* Easy-To-Learn-Hard-To-Master gameplay
* Helpful Tutorial
* Online High Score charts
* Various elements in gameplay: Bonus Meeklits, level events, Bonus Bubbles, ...

- I know this game is Shareware, but it is through the funds I can hire the artist to help me make this game feel polished and professional. Plus, the Demo offers alot anyways!


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Posted by Muz 26th May, 2004

Nice game... I know a few people who'd buy this. Front page material :P.
Posted by Muz 26th May, 2004

BTW, how'd you make that code thing? Very professional looking. Could I have a free registration code for advertising the game on DC's front page? ;)
Posted by Rhys D 26th May, 2004

erm, why pay for an artist? im sure someone would have done it for free.
Posted by AfterStar 26th May, 2004

I agree with Rhys!I believe steve you are both the artist&programmer! =)....just what i think! Anyway i'm not against selling Klik games,but as i pointed out many times Selling Klik games is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT because then a Klik game BECOMES Commercial and so people compare it to Commercial games...!
Posted by X_Sheep 26th May, 2004

Me likes :) The concept is (very) simple, yet brilliant. Maybe I'll buy this :P
Posted by steve 26th May, 2004

Muz, the code is in your email =). Thanks for the input guys, its good to hear from a community that support my game. Friends used to tell me that MMF is only for hobbyist and its impossible to make money. This is my limelight to disprove this. So if you really enjoy this game, go and tell your friends and family and anyone who like gaming! Spread this like a wildfire. My aim is to compete and beat the other big boys right now in the shareware puzzle market. From your word of mouth, I'll be another step closer =).
Posted by Galaxy613 26th May, 2004

Yey! Meeklits are back!
Posted by Pete Nattress 26th May, 2004

been sharpening your wit, JD?
Posted by 26th May, 2004

Wahoo! I loved that game! I don't see anything wrong at selling klik games. Keep it up!
Posted by danjo 26th May, 2004

did you use mmf pro for this?
Posted by Galaxy613 26th May, 2004

seems like it
Posted by Gaspy Conana 27th May, 2004

I think you should give me the registration code for no apparent reason. I appriciate it.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 27th May, 2004

lol, good game. but id prefer it to be freeware.
Posted by Nick of All Trades 27th May, 2004

Nice game! Say, that water looks a bit like the KnP library waterwave object. You haven't used it have you?
Posted by danjo 27th May, 2004

so what if he has
Posted by Steve Harris 27th May, 2004

if i remember rightly steve used some of the profits from HeliumMan-X to donate $100 (or something) to TDC, he can carry on doing shareware IMO...
Posted by steve 27th May, 2004

To answer some questions and comments: * The game is made in MMF Pro 1.50 * The water object is from KnP library, probably the only one. * Steve Harris's assumption is correct. What I wanted to know is, for those who gave this game Thumbs Down, give me a reason.
Posted by Snakesoft 27th May, 2004

Very good game! It deserves market success 8) Pity that very few click games are so polished..
Posted by danjo 27th May, 2004

i wouldnt worry about thumbs down here at DC... it would be because you're selling it no doubt.
Posted by Muz 27th May, 2004

IMHO, it's very polished, even for a commercial game. I wouldn't have believed it was a MMF game till I saw the cncs232.dll thing :P. And if sold even 300 copies of a game at THAT price, I'd be able to get me all those luxury things I've always wanted. I've got nothing at all against commercial klik games. I know even TGF can produce better crap than half the shareware games out there, and I'm eager to see it done ;). Maybe I'll write an article on making money with MMF later.
Posted by danjo 28th May, 2004

please dont.
Posted by Broomie 28th May, 2004

Hmmm... I don't have to buy it again do I? As I bought the first one.
Posted by steve 28th May, 2004

nope, your old code should work
Posted by Jack Galilee 28th May, 2004

I personally think out of all of steves game ball master was the best but only the first and 2nd now it seems to have become to uh... lets not go there!
Posted by steve 5th June, 2004

wow, I didn't expect this. Pretty awesome!
Posted by PreviousPlasma (DarkSoft) 5th June, 2004

Can I have a code for voting for you in GOTW?
Posted by steve 5th June, 2004

haha, sorry PreviousPlasma, if I gave you the code, I'll have to give a code to everyone who voted for me, which I am a bit hestitant to do, for security reasons.
Posted by PreviousPlasma (DarkSoft) 5th June, 2004

Aw. Good game though. I wish it was free. :(
Posted by Hill Gigas 10th June, 2004

This is a very well made game. Congratulations on your creation. I played for well over an hour.
Posted by J.A.P 11th June, 2004

WHOA! I LIKE THIS GAME. Not bad:):):)!





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