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Wibble Wacky World Convention Edition
Author: The Chris Street Submitted: 14th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 589

As you may or may not know, I am reworking Wibble Wacky World again from scratch. It has an improved engine and a different graphic style. So I will be dis-continuing the current version. I'm only uploading this to show you that the gameplay is linear and shallow, and take away the graphics and you have a bog standard platformer. I don't want a bog standard platformer. I'm redesigning the game (again) because I'm simply dis-satisfied with it. Nevertheless, a few klikkers have asked me to upload what I have so they can experience it. Which is what I have done. Enjoy. Or not.

Special thanks to Duncan Fenn for the boss music.

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Posted by citizen[Ac] 14th October, 2002

<>stick with this version<>
Posted by 14th October, 2002

Posted by David Niemeyer 14th October, 2002

This game is sweet! Thank (philisophical or religious high ranking entity) you uploaded this! There goes my night.:)
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 14th October, 2002

Umm well this game is OK.Didnt really keep me interested,but for about 5 min.:(:'(.I hope your new ones better :).
Posted by Alex Scobell 15th October, 2002

Yes stick with this version. There is not really anyting wrong with it exept the enimes wihich is really lazy just making them exacly the same as the player exept for a little change!
Posted by The Chris Street 15th October, 2002

Hmm...not really what I had anticipated... Have you seen the new screenshot (not the one I posted at the Total Klik forums, the one at my site?)
Posted by citizen[Ac] 15th October, 2002

Circy this version Rocks!!! The problem with doing the new way and trying to make it look like scribbled gfx is that its very hard to pull off. This one is great, just need to keep at it.
Posted by The Chris Street 15th October, 2002 It's not hard to pull off, Citizen :D I have a nice pen tablet to aid me in the scribbly style ;)
Posted by citizen[Ac] 15th October, 2002

circy, when i meant it was hard to pull off i meant that there is a fine line between just scribbly gfx in yoshi's island and just plain old scribbly looking gfx. I wish you well, but think that your old style was better, either way i am looking forward to the game.
Posted by Andi Smith 15th October, 2002

I agree with citizen. finish this version. if u wanna make a scribbly gfx platformer, make another after you finish WWW.
Posted by SplinTAH 15th October, 2002

Keep this circy, its class
Posted by SoftWarewolf 15th October, 2002

i liked the first one best with the litle funny guy with no jetpack
Posted by 15th October, 2002

stick with the graphics of this one man. It looks great and the colorful graphics remind me of some classic games.
Posted by Bill 15th October, 2002

You should finish this one, it has very nice polished grafix. The new screen shot looks like a compleatly new game, nice work. :)
Posted by Shen 15th October, 2002

Ah...shooting random falling clones is fun :D Both are cool, but I like the scribbly style better.
Posted by AndyUK 15th October, 2002

screen shots look like a nes/snes game which is a good thing
Posted by deejay 15th October, 2002

keep this version!!! i dont really like the graphics of the 'new version'; to me it seems like a step back rather than forward. I liked this version a lot, just needs a few more baddies and to be tweaked a little. DONT SCRAP :(
Posted by The Chris Street 15th October, 2002

Bah, this was not the response I was expecting. I make loads of games which everyone thinks are crap, and the one game which I think is crap seems to be popular! I hate you. Now Im going to become a hermit
Posted by deejay 15th October, 2002

You should think of this as praise in a way, people are congratulating you on the work you've done and being critical of the direction it's taking. Please dont dump it :)
Posted by The Chris Street 15th October, 2002

Zelda GC, when the new style was announced, had everyone in a rage about it. Yet everyone also knew it would still keep the classic gameplay. Everyone berated Miyamoto because he took a new direction, and now most are looking forward to it. Graphics aren't everything, the new WWW will have most of the original games features and more, (graphics aside) it will be a very deep and involving game and be MUCH BETTER than this Convention Edition. Why doesn't nobody give it a chance?! *cries*
Posted by deejay 15th October, 2002

lol, i was thinking of Mr Miyamoto as i wrote my previous message. But i still think this game shouldnt be dumped, it would be a massive waste of your time and effort.
Posted by Zulfikar54 15th October, 2002

I think it is a pretty fun game, I actually like both versions of the graphics, i'm looking forward to the newer version
Posted by Ashman 16th October, 2002

This one is cool, but the new one has kick ass Yoshis Island style graphics. Can't wait.
Posted by The Gonz 16th October, 2002

deejay: it's Miyamoto-SAN. You have to add the SAN at the end of any Japanese person's name so you can be cool and look all contemporary and stuff. Remember these words of mainstream wisdom...
Posted by The Chris Street 16th October, 2002

deejay: it wouldnt really be a massive waste of time or effort :) Truth is, most of the WWW levels were contructed within a couple of weeks while the graphics got toned up and enemies created, and you forget I restarted this back in July, its not that long ago :D
Posted by Andi Smith 16th October, 2002

Posted by Dustin 16th October, 2002

Circy, are you still on that Zelda GC thing? Listen, it's completely different. The reason people were upset about Zelda GC was because the style was drastically changed from a realistic looking game on the 64 to a cartoon on the GameCube. It wasn't because the carton style was unoriginal, it's just that it was so different. In fact, the style is very original and looks great. The reason people are upset about your game is because the original style was the original version, while your new, "better" style closely resembles Yoshi's Island. Thus, it's lacking the original look and appeal that this version had. All the while, you continue to claim that the new engine is much better. Well, we may agree with you on that, but we can't verify that from a screenshot, nor does that matter. All we can verify from the screenshot is the drastic change from what most see as a step back. You say this wasn't the reaction you were expecting, yet people all over TK continued to tell you to stick with the old version of WWW. How can you even act suprized? Anyway, I'm just stating my opinions. I'm sure the new game will be great, but I much prefer the old look.
Posted by The Chris Street 16th October, 2002

Graphics aren't everything!!! And yes, I agree that I cannot verify the fact that the engine is better just by looking at a screenshot. Which is why I've now decided to release an engine test with an original level that will NOT be in the final game, so you can judge for yourselves.
Posted by Dustin 16th October, 2002

*sigh* I'm not saying graphics are everything. I realize this above most people. Heck, I realize the greatness in classic games such as Pac-Man, Dig Dug and Q*bert above most modern games today, simply because they were so much fun to play and not about graphics. So here's a question for you: If graphics aren't everything, why did you change them? I don't think we'd mind if you changed them to something neat and inventive, but the new style looks almost copied compared to the old one. The old one was slick, smooth and stylish. The new style has been done. In the end, it's your decision, not mine. You're the one making the game and it's all in how you want to make it. I can't stop you in any way. But I can give my criticism and ideas towards you in the hopes that you'll consider them or use them. :)
Posted by The Chris Street 16th October, 2002

As I said in the TK forums, Ill always consider peoples ideas. Doesn't necessarily mean Ill use them though ;)
Posted by deejay 16th October, 2002

I still think you should continue this one! Thank you for the advice The Gonz(-San) :D
Posted by Rik 16th October, 2002

Well I think the new one looks better, and IMO the old version wasn't orignal as Dustin says, but closely resembled Mario World(it even had thwomps!). I also prefer jumping on stuff to shooting so yay! Maybe it would be a good idea to release them as seperate games though, as they are drastically different.
Posted by Andi Smith 17th October, 2002

I agree with Rik :) Release them as seperate games - make your scribbly game a different platformer afterwards.
Posted by Blast_Boy 17th October, 2002

AWESOME Game, I love it so far! Except for the "Game Over" text, its way to block and fat! Keep up the good work!
Posted by The Chris Street 17th October, 2002

Erk. Thats the exact reason why Sleep Dreams Redrawn was canned...because I was working on two platformers and I felt that SD:R was the inferior. I dont want to make two platform games that "compete" with each other, if you see what I mean
Posted by deejay 17th October, 2002

They are different styles of platformer by the sounds of it though, so there wouldn't be much comparing to do?
Posted by Levi 17th October, 2002

Ok, here is the final verdict. FINISH THIS VERSION. Want to know why I say this? Because you will become me, who has so many abandonware versions of games that could be really good, and are abandonware because I keep thinking I can do better. If I sat down and made a game start to finish like I did when I first started clicking, I would have a few good games done. Granted, the finished products may not look or play QUITE as good as my current ability, they would be finished products, and finishing one thing gives you insentive to start another. Another which would be better. Circy you remember me don't you? from like 6 months ago, before you left your own click group? Take my advice, since I know I could make a great game, I did what you are about to do, and now I don't make games anymore. As for the Zelda comparison, if you finished this version, then started making a sequel with the new style graphics, that would be a better comparison. One thing about those scribbly graphics -- they look great in that shot, all except the bushes; they look a bit too scribbly. It is very hard to pull off a 'scribbly' look without looking cheap. I suggest looking at more than one game with scribbly graophics and take notes. Other than all that, this version is simple and fun, the new graphics look good too, and I recommend you finish two games out of them. Good luck!
Posted by skn3 17th October, 2002

looks cool, but make your own style, dont copy exsisting games :P i prefer the new graphics to the old, so maybe copying styles is good :D
Posted by matrixkitty 19th October, 2002






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