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Zone Runner: Anniversary Edition
Author: The Chris Street Submitted: 15th December, 2022 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 63

On 15th December 2002, at the time of writing this, my original Zone Runner game was released, making the game 20 years old! For those who don't know, Zone Runner was one of the games which inspired the "N" series by Metanet Software and also my first truly popular game.

To celebrate this milestone, I have decided to release Zone Runner: Anniversary Edition for PC on the exact 20th anniversary of the original game. This is an enhanced version of the Android game released in 2018, rather than a fully blown new release. However I wanted to open up the experience so more players could enjoy and attempt to beat the game.

In this platformer, the objective is to traverse five zones, collecting coins and avoiding contact with anything bad. Enemies cannot be killed, but you can!

Double pixel outlined graphics in a typical Chris Street style!
50+ stages set across five zones
Enhanced graphics/effects
Tweaked level design to better accommodate PC screens
As ever, a formidable challenge, with addictive gameplay!

Keep tuned to for further updates!

PS: Finally, just for words of encouragement, and to echo the tagline of the 2018 game... Sooner or later, everybody dies. #YouWillToo

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Posted by AndyUK 7th April, 2023
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Circy still releasing games in the 2020's? brilliant!

This is just how I remember the old game. Except that time trial level. I did go back to it several times over the years and it was always fun for a bit.
I think the old music almost gave the game a more frantic feel, which I prefer actually.

What I will say to critisise is that collecting coins to move onto the next screen is great and everything but your reward is more of the same. It could have had a few more things in there to work for, you know what I mean?

Just as an example if the player beats 5 screens in a row without dying they gain a double jump. But they lose it if they do die. That certainly gives dying a bit more peril.
Comment edited by AndyUK on 07/04/2023
Posted by AndyUK 7th April, 2023
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I didn't rate it oops
Posted by The Chris Street 29th April, 2023

Thanks for the feedback and rating Andy, this means a lot as always

Yes, I'm still working on the occasional project here and there (even as I approach 40 years old!), but in general I feel my game-developing career is dying down somewhat in favour of other pastimes.

In terms of your feedback you definitely raise some good points, and if there ever is another Zone Runner game (never say never I guess - contradicting my last paragraph) I'll certainly try and look at ways to innovate rather than just "more of the same"





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