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Wibble Wacky World Level Test
Author: The Chris Street Submitted: 20th July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 542

Recently I announced that WWW would be getting a huge overhaul. This is just a tiny part of Level One.

The Idea of the game is to collect Grey Fuel pods...collect them all and you activate the portal.

The engine is completely different to the previous WWW, and there are Speed Pills to collect which make you

You cannot die properly yet either, this is kind of a taster of what to expect in the final game. Any helpful comments welcome

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Posted by TechVision 20th July, 2002

I like it. The graphics has improved. It's also a plus that your character is bigger. The engine is very solid, like the "old" one. The Speed Pills are well implemented. I would like the springs to look more like..springs? It's looking good for WWW.
Posted by gustav 20th July, 2002

i liked this a lot :3.. very fun and simple platformer.
Posted by citizen[Ac] 20th July, 2002

Wow!! nice circy. the main sprite is pixelitious (if that's a word). did you do all the gfx yourself, or get help with any? the only gfx i didnt like are the clouds in the background, they didn't seem to fit the feel of the rest of the gfx. great concept as far as collecting the grey things to open the portal, and i like how once you've collected the portal it flashes to where the door is, i can see this coming in handy when doors are more hidden. some suggestions (i know its just a one level demo but...) make the enemies different looking from the main guy, they seem too similiar. the engine was nice but didn't care for the way you "sunk" into the ground when landing after a jump. the sounds where odd, but maybe you put them in just for test, a better sound choice would make this game rock. I also don't care for the font you use for the menue and game, i know you must because it is in alot of your games, but a more retro arcadish one would be cool. oh, one other thing...maybe a counter to let you know how many grey things you need to collect that counts down when you get one. ok, enough babbling, just wanted to give you some feedback so you can make this game a cool one.
Posted by Spydaman 20th July, 2002

Real improvement over the previous version circy. Really good. Things to improve: Walking animation could do with so more frames, not much movement in there. The springs look more like collectables, use something a bit more spring looking. Maybe you should have the screen scroll back to the door when you collect all the grey thingys cos it looks like a bug at first, also the player could get a glimpse of the route back if they forgot. Y'know a few years ago this would have been a masterpiece, good work =)
Posted by Ashman 20th July, 2002

This game is cool. Well done. Very fun and very long level.
Posted by Crono 20th July, 2002

Cool game, but like spydaman said need a better walkin animation, i found only one bug, which is when u go under a platform and hold jump it keeps makin that spring noise.
Posted by DarrenMcLeod 21st July, 2002

Much improved over the previous demo, this game is looking good! Like a few people are saying, the spring doesn't look right. it looks like a coin or something I should be collecting.
Posted by Al 21st July, 2002

Quite good so far, with bold and colourful gfx, although I thought the water could do with some texture. Keep up the good work Circy.
Posted by The Chris Street 21st July, 2002

Citizen: Yes, I did all the graphics myself =D, which I'm pretty proud of too. The title page and level intro pages will be changed, these are just "trials" at the moment, as are the dots that represents the springs. The way the character sinks into the ground is only for the jumpthru yet I haven't found a way to fix this, but I'll keep on trying ;) I won't be adding the counter, I don't think. The player will only know when he's collected all the Fuel Pods when the Portal turns green and the screen centrescrolls to it. It encourages the player to explore, and wonder "ooh, I wonder how many pods there are left" Spydaman: I'll change the springs, lol =D Loads of people don't like those Crono: That'll be fixed easily =D
Posted by The Chris Street 21st July, 2002

Oh yeah, if I had the screen scroll back to the door, it would probably bore the player waiting for it to arrive.
Posted by Canaryman 21st July, 2002

interesting, the green aura around alot of the characters was annoying. The springs too, the lack of enemy variety, the fact that you have to start again at the beginning of the level when the level is EMPTY is annoying aswell. The music was jumpy, it sounded like it had pauses in it when it should have continued. Otheriwse it wasn't bad, a solid Platform engine, maybe for the next version add in some new weapons.
Posted by citizen[Ac] 21st July, 2002

Well circy keep up the good work!! I agree with canary man on having to start at the beginning of the level every time, maybe make some sort of flag or spot that if you hit it and die after that, you restart at that point in the level. otherwise it's a top notch job circy!! You should be proud of it.
Posted by Jack Frost 21st July, 2002

Speed? Dude, drugs are bad.
Posted by deejay 21st July, 2002

Cool, well done Circy! This is a great improvement on the previous version. I agree with much of the avove - in particular the cloud background. WWW will leave Sleep Dreams in the dust :D
Posted by deejay 21st July, 2002

I also especially liked that the speed was a double edged sword - it made you faster, but it decreased your accuracy and is harder to navigate.
Posted by Duncan 21st July, 2002

I still think you should add upwards scrolling and such, else there won't really be any exploration.
Posted by Tony (Darkjune) 21st July, 2002

This was a very nicely done demo. My only comment is that the collsion detection could be a little tighter, the main character can be completely off a platform and still not fall, other then that nice job.
Posted by Caderay 21st July, 2002

Good level test Circy, you seem to improve with every release. Besides decimators. XD
Posted by Poke & Gravy 21st July, 2002

The engine is smooth and the graphics are nice looking! Nice job! Can't wait to see the final result.
Posted by The Chris Street 22nd July, 2002

I like the idea of a flag "midway" point... I'll see what I can do :)
Posted by Trooper 22nd July, 2002

Well done circy, however I have a few suggestions: change the grass to be solid green (no stripes) to match with the rest of the background. Make an animation for jumping rather than use just walking. Everything else was said by other people. Good job.
Posted by Levi 22nd July, 2002

i liek it, its a cool simple little platformer, but lemme suggest a couple things that i dont think have been suggested yet: a jumping animation, when it flashes back to the door make it fade from red (or whatever color it is at first) to green, and when you get to the door, try making a mario bros 2 style dooor thing, where you hit up and it opens, then he walks thru it, os something, cause colliding with a door makes him seem more like hes teleporting than opening it and walking thru. These are minor things, im not dissin your game i think its raelly cool, just a few touch ups could make it look a lot better. oh and do you have a counter planned for the collectables? like youve collected / total? thatd be nice too. good work, keep it up.
Posted by The Chris Street 22nd July, 2002

it IS a teleporter XD. And no, I dont think there will be a counter for the collectables...
Posted by Derek 22nd July, 2002

bah i thought this would be better than it really is.Especially from you Circy because i always here you talking bad about games;-).Not really lookin forward to this sorry.
Posted by Oka 1st August, 2002

Way to go Circy!!! Very nice graphics! But ouch my eyes! The game flashes all the time, and sometimes I saw flashes of the backdrops upside down!
Posted by Alex Scobell 8th September, 2002

Coooooooooooo! Can't wait for the full game!
Posted by Red Crystal 21st August, 2003

I have to diagree strongly there Jack Frost... Not all drugs are bad. For example, have you even been blessed by the spiritual inner journey offered by the psilocybic mushroom? A truly wonderous experience.





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