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The Chris Street Collection
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If this looks familiar, it's because I've been lazy and copied straight from the ReadMe documentation.
If you try and sell this... well, good luck. It's all c*ck!


Welcome to this compilation of 15 games (many unfinished) by Chris Street (that's me!). I decided to compile all my old stuff thanks to a recent topic at The Daily Click, suggesting the idea. So I have fulfilled your inner-most wishes! Well... probably not.

PLEASE NOTE - Several of these games might be flagged as suspicious by your anti-virus software. But I assure you there is nothing wrong with any of them. The files are not infected, they are harmless. It's an issue which others have had with their own games in the past (see this link: for various issues as proof). Stupid antivirus software.

Anyhow, a brief description awaits for all the games included. Their dates range from 2000-2008 or so and the quality of them is variable. Also note many may need their compatibility settings tweaked for the modern-day operating system.

Some games may require certain DLL files. I've included the ones I felt were necessary in the DLL FILES folder. If a game doesn't work, drag them to that games particular folder or in c:/windows/system (I think).

A mouse-controlled game that took a total of thirty minutes to create. Various lines have been drawn in a notebook. You need to navigate them from the Start, to the Finishing point, within the (tight) time limit. In certain stages (if there are any) you will have to collect all the Pods before getting to the Finishing point. It's quite a hard game.

Two riveting text files containing cheats for Sleep Dreams and Smidgets X.

A poor mans attempt at out-factoring Factor X. A top-down arena shooter. Control the nameless player, eliminate the enemies and try and beat that big old tank (which, curiously, can't be destroyed in the opening stage, but CAN be in the final battle). Once you beat the boss, the demo ends. I abandoned this.

After Team Ultimate, Team Ultimate X, Circlesoft, Euphorica Entertainment and Euphoric Rush comes this abandonware pack of many games! Well... two. Agent R.M. Page is a one-level demo (originally made in a personal competition between myself and fellow klikker Steve Wardale for a 2-week game making compo, before I gave up on this and made Zone Runner 1 instead with one week to spare) and is a spy game using a similar control method for Factor X and Destruction Carnival, but in a scrolling environment... and missions too! Wibble Wacky World: Scribbly Edition is a redesigned platformer from a series that never really went anyway, utilizing a Yoshi's Island-esque graphical style. Music by Eve (Red Feud, Fret Nice). One level, one boss (that cannot be beaten)

Using an engine supplied to me by Eric Vaughn (guy behind Crawler, Disco Dan), I sort of... changed the graphics and the levels and pretty much stole it. So I can't really claim credit. I think there are three levels.

A pretty terrible platformer (deliberately so... you'll see why) all about former klikker Ashman. I thought I'd lost this, but "fortunately" it was found on a dusty CD for your "enjoyment". Partly inspired by Arthur Lee's "Circy" series, but not as good... or funny.

No idea why many of you like this! But STS is a grid-based game where you guide Sam around a garden, trying to escape. He must eat all the carrots, avoid the slug pellets, and not get trapped by his own slime. Some call it original. I call it a hybrid of Snake, Pacman, and The MisAdventures of Sir Randolph Doogleberry, British Explorer (an Acoders game. That's WWW.ACODERS.COM *cheeky, but probably failed, attempt at extra site traffic*

A platformer which I think is quite enjoyable. Made when I was very new to MMF, and it shows. Engine by Bernie, main sprite and an enemy by PhilTest2, houses and trees by Oskar. Still, at least I designed the levels, including the much loved Lake Metallica stage (many klikkers thought this was one of the best levels in a click platformer at the time) which might... just might be featured in MSD: Kiddie Edition for Xbox 360 (another sneaky attempt at hype). Overall, there are 6 levels. The game ends when you get to the boss (the yellow "thing") - which can't actually hurt you.

I started the sequel, even before I could abandon the first game! Uses Baastian De Jong's Ultimate Platform Engine and is pretty much a couple of levels of engine tests. Nothing too exciting.

This is a complete game. This is also a complete Destruction Carnival ripoff. Planet Klik scored it 48% but did offer the following statement in their review back in November 2002: "Perhaps I'm being a little harsh.. the game is pretty solid. It isn't buggy; but it's just doing a genre that is already brilliantly catered for in the community. If there wasn't a Factor X or Destruction Carnival, then perhaps this would receive a higher score; but we've been spoilt, and this crud won't do." Fact.

Kris Allen came up with the name... Chris Street (that's me!) came up with the completed game... a LeapFrog/Eggit clone (forever bounce around the screen on a pogo-stick collecting sweeties). Four difficulty modes, with the easiest still being ridiculously challenging, and the later ones limiting the number of bounces you were allowed before you died, ensured The Ultimate Challenge. It's not a totally terrible game. But thank heavens has not recovered Planet Klik's scathing review... 27%, I think, was the score!

It doesn't look bad, it doesn't play too badly. Testimony was an unreleased game, that was inspired by the far superior Mina Of The Pirates. There's a couple of levels of sword swinging action to play before you get to the first boss confrontation, where your quest for the Holy Cheese Grater comes to an abrupt end.

My first click game released to the community back in 2000. Virtually everything was ripped. The sprites were copied directly from a tutorial, the backgrounds and logos were off the internet ( no strafing and quite boring. Still, if you're interested in my history, sadly this is a part of it.

A platformer. Not actually that bad, but fiddly, with inconsistent presentational graphics. You get four levels and a boss, so not too bad. The character has to collect every single coin before he's allowed to pass through the exit (and you'll know by use of a twinkly sound effect from MMFs sound library).

To be shown at ClickCon 2002, which ended up being a disasterous day thanks to a car-crash prior to the event. I managed to arrive, however, after being released from hospital and was advised NOT to go where there might be computers which may aggrevate a nagging headache... but I wanted my moneys worth! The actual talk was a disaster, with lots of slurred words and general disinterest. However, the game itself, reinvented from WWW: The First, was a benchmark, and started an evolution of consistency with my work. Consistent (although average) graphics, an average engine, average gameplay (collect all the gas canisters before exiting the level), but many klikkers noticed a massive improvement prior to the poor stuff I'd released earlier. Four levels, two bosses and a lengthy, introduction sequence. Boss music by Duncan Fenn.

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Posted by bernie[FA] 10th February, 2012

Haha, awesome! Sleep Dreams had my very first custom platform movement in it. That was looong ago.

Good idea putting them all up, Chris.
Posted by nivram 11th February, 2012
Rated :

Thanks Chris. These are closed source, correct?

Oh, never mind Chris. They are closed.

Comment edited by nivram on 2/11/2012
Posted by nim 11th February, 2012

You should stick the "10 years of Circy" video in the description, or at least link to it if embedding isn't possible. Downloading it now!
Posted by The Chris Street 11th February, 2012


Also, I didn't come up with this idea... you have Va1entine to thank for encouraging this compilation
Posted by Va1entine 12th February, 2012
Rated :

I've had a really good time working through your old games Chris and I've learn't a lot from them too. Thanks again for uploading them, I'm sure I'm not alone on this!
Posted by Va1entine 12th February, 2012
Rated :

Smidgets X, Wibble Wacky World Convention Edition & Sam the Slug were my favourites!
Posted by Windybeard Games 16th February, 2012

I watched the whole video. Mate you have made alot of awesome games. A genuine pleasure to watch!
Posted by The Chris Street 25th February, 2012

Trust me, they're not all awesome
Posted by Yai7 27th February, 2012

Nice music on the video!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 2nd June, 2012

Holy shit. I remember LOLING at LOL CLASSIC ASHMAN. Fun times. Whatever happened to that nutcase?

Good stuff.
Posted by The Chris Street 1st August, 2019

Here's a frightening thing... 20 years of Circy tomorrow!





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