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Sam The Slug - Opinion Test
Author: The Chris Street Submitted: 3rd March, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 256
Rated: to define Sam The Slug? Well, its a bit like Snake, but its not Snake. Its a bit like Pacman, but its definately not Pacman. It's a bit like Crop Crusader, but then again, its not Crop Crusader. It's all three styles merged into one.


Please ensure while extracting, that everything is in the same folder. If BASS.DLL or the MOD are removed or moved elsewhere, the game is likely to crash. So keep everything in the same folder!


Basically, Ive decided to continue this game, which I scrapped last...November or December I think. But Ive released this 2 - level demo for your advice. Should I carry on with it? What things should change? And so forth.

The objective of each level is for Sam to collect all the carrots in a level. However, his progress ensures that he leaves a trail of slime behind his route, and this slime hardens. You have to carefully plan your route (by hitting the Spacebar - which gives you access to Camera Mode) and collect the carrots without trapping yourself between the four walls of slime. The final version will have a time limit for each level (this version doesnt)

Basically, as I said before, I'd like to know whether I should continue with Sam The Slug, and if yes, what ideas would you like to see in it?

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Posted by Joe.H 3rd March, 2003

Quick.. get the salt out :p Im j/k this game is good.
Posted by Joe.H 3rd March, 2003

boohoo... i died on level 2
Posted by HOSJ 3rd March, 2003

this is.. HARD! Good going! CONTINUE!!! ;)
Posted by Spram 3rd March, 2003

Super Neat. I hate slugs and that makes me like it even more. :D
Posted by Spram 3rd March, 2003

A few easier one-screen levels for the begining of the full game would be nice. Not that I found the included levels difficult, but the levels are pretty big and a beginer might have problems with them.
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 4th March, 2003

looks er different ill download it a bit later I think
Posted by skatekid 4th March, 2003

The liveds dont work right.:( It got to -1 then it stayed at -1 and I lived Forever:)
Posted by skatekid 4th March, 2003

By the way it's great. BUT FINISH ZONE RUNNER 2 FIRST!!!
Posted by The Chris Street 4th March, 2003

Yeah I havent gotten around to fixing that yet
Posted by >NzR< 4th March, 2003

Continue?! Of course! ;)
Posted by Hagar 5th March, 2003

Nice idea, and good game well worth finishing. One of the boards (not dc) was taking the urine out of you circy, saying drivvel with the screenshot.
Posted by CYS 5th March, 2003

One word to describe it - Good.
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 5th March, 2003

It's worth continuing, but only if the levels get a lot more varied.
Posted by Mitch M 5th March, 2003

Very Cicy-ish... ( I mean that in a good way ;) ) Love it already X)





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