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Mageling DEMO
Author: thewreck Submitted: 13th May, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 209


A dueling game, a strategy game, a tactical platformer... an arcade game?

its been given many names, i dont know myself.

i will instead let the stats speak for itself

the Mageling DEMO contains:

7 books of magic (3X7=21 magics)
fighting system including 7 different attack moves and blocking
3 levels
player VS player, player VS CPU, CPU VS CPU

gamepad support =...

download and see for yourself, and if you are not convinced, have a look at the screens.

Review This Download (7mb )

Posted by ruffles 13th May, 2003

great game :D (as if i haven't played b4 and give you feedback XD) btw don't forget to tell people to read the tutorial ;)
Posted by thewreck 13th May, 2003

ah good thing,, ok 'PEOPLE'!... ahum.. *clears his throat*.. aahhum... read the tutorial! hmm.. uahhm.. iam done here.
Posted by SimdroneX² 13th May, 2003

Yay, finally a game from theWreck thats not vitalized...
Posted by thewreck 14th May, 2003

hehe,, yeah finally, i have lots of games in the works that are not vitalized, BUT as you prolly know, its easier to make a score based online game than making a working standalone game, especially to finish it. iam not going to say like many do, "im not gonna work on this anymore, unless i get some really good critisism and jolly good words from you!" instead i will say. give up! you have no chance to stop me! i will work on this game even if you give it zero in a review! so you must understand that its futile to resist, this game is beeing done and you cant do nothing about it! ha!
Posted by Galaxy613 14th May, 2003

This is great :D Me and my brother love this game! At first we didn't know how to pick up two books bu you need to switch your book to a ematy slot Great gfz, Selectable colors, lots of book selections, what else do you want? :D 9/10
Posted by Galaxy613 14th May, 2003

...why isn't this on the front page?
Posted by thewreck 14th May, 2003

i dont know acually =). would be great if it was, mayby no admin has bothered yet =(... anyway, iam glad you like it. AND what else do you want? how does capture the flag, king of the hill, more books, better AI, more levels, balancing, more graphics, (maaaayby level editor if i can bother, which i most likely will)
Posted by Galaxy613 14th May, 2003

:D sounds good, oh me and my bro want more levels theres only 3!
Posted by thewreck 14th May, 2003

i redesigned the two last levels also, i though they were crap =)... in the next version you will probably be able to choose what books spawn on the level, so that you can choose for yourself =) also did alot of work on the AI since i thought it was crap. think ill work on a new book now, thoose usuallt take about an hour to finish if i work quick.. later
Posted by thewreck 14th May, 2003

Correction on simdroneX's review, there is a bullit time power, so no need to ask for that!
Posted by SimdroneX² 14th May, 2003

Sorry about that, :) I also meant the score to be a seven.
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 15th May, 2003

ya, this look good!
Posted by Galaxy613 17th May, 2003

The AI is good, thats what I think, whats the red book called?
Posted by Galaxy613 17th May, 2003

look: the best combo, the yellow book and the 'Ice' book :D
Posted by Galaxy613 17th May, 2003

look at all them heads on the platfroms X)
Posted by thewreck 20th May, 2003

love to see that you still play the game! and yes the yellow and the cyan somehow complements each other, i dont know how exactly, but they feel good together. i have read thru your reviews and thought about your opinions. they are very good, and very true, but it seems sometimes that you havent tried playing VS a real person. perhaps i wasnt clear enough on that. i should have said as in simsdrones review that the game is based around player deathmatch as of now. but of course, this will change later aswell. despite that you critisism is very correct, and you can be sure i will take it very seriously. The next version will probably be alot different from this one. at its current state it is already alot different, but i have lots more to do. if you have any suggestions or thoughts about the future versions of the game, please feel free to post them right here or mail them to
Posted by thewreck 20th May, 2003 =).. ops..
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 20th May, 2003

Cool, I always like it when creators are really open to constructive criticism. I would recomment adding a purpose to this game (eg storyline, one player adventure etc.). That would work wonders on this already original engine. :)
Posted by thewreck 20th May, 2003

yeah, iam working on some aspects of the 2 player deathmatch purposes right now. for example some different basic modes, such as capture the frog, and so on, altough i have planned some unique ones aswell.. other then that, i will try and make the objectives motivated aswell. but i wont tell you much about that for now. ive planned to give the magelings alot more charachter aswell in the form of text-bubbles, and speech during the action, or inbetween, and on other special occations.
Posted by thewreck 21st May, 2003

i think ill just take the demo down now, since its changed so much from the state the game is in now. so no more download for anyone who happen sto stumble in here. =P anyway, next version should be coming within the next month mayby, will see. happy gaming till then.
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 26th May, 2003

You should of still put the demo in! Since the demo size is not much so many people will just play the demo instead of the full since the full version had a big file size.






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