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Author: thewreck Submitted: 4th November, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 448
80th Place     (4.35 / 5)


This Game was created by two people during two days at Spelfest 2007 in Malmö, Sweden.

Its a space shoot 'em up with a unique control style. Since it was created in such a short time, we only focused on making one level, trying to get it as fun as possible instead of making many boring ones.

You steer with the mouse.

Left mouse button fires the cannons on your ship.

Right mouse button purchases the currently selected uppgrade.

You recieve money from destroying enemies.

The game features an online highscore where you can try to get the best score!

You can also make your own custom maps in any drawing program. The color palette for the enemies is supplied in the maps folder.


Completely free of course, and created in MMF2.

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Posted by Jens Bergensten 4th November, 2007
Rated :

This game is awesome
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 4th November, 2007
Rated :

Whoa! Awesome to the max! It's a bit too chaotic, but since you don't die very easily, it doesn't matter...awesome gameplay.
Posted by Hempuli 4th November, 2007
Rated :

Yay! Many games!
Posted by steve 4th November, 2007

Nice gameplay, indeed. Reminds me of a classic old amiga game called SWIV. (except that was not mouse controlled)
Posted by Trooper_959 6th November, 2007
Rated :

THIS Game is awsome.IT HAS REALLY GOOD GRAPHICS TOO! i liked the online scoring also!
Posted by Yokozuki 6th November, 2007
Rated :

Very addictive! I wish it was longer.
Posted by Torava 6th November, 2007
Rated :

Posted by Attan 6th November, 2007
Rated :

I really enjoyed it! Got 3645 or something like that. It's a little bit too easy to beat though.. Even if the goal is to get the top score. It's just to right klick as soon as the bubble breaks.. Anyways, Real fun!
Posted by thewreck 6th November, 2007

Thank you for the nice ratings!

Yukozuki, you can make your own custom maps if you want to! just check in the maps folder for instructions!

Attan: I know it becomes a little easy if you just continue to buy bubbles, but the thing is that while your cash is at MAX you gain bonus score, so purchasing a new bubble makes that bonus go away for as long as the cash bar is not filled, thus reducing your score alot.

Here is a challenge for you which jeb (lead programmer in oxeye game studio) thought was the most fun he has ever had since portals: Try beating the game completely without powerups!
Posted by Hempuli 6th November, 2007
Rated :

A bit too chaotic for me.
Posted by Trooper_959 6th November, 2007
Rated :

like i said i love this game
Posted by viva/volt 6th November, 2007
Rated :

Very chaotic game, but I like it.

I got 14000 or somesuch.
Posted by nim 6th November, 2007
Rated :

Very good work for 2 days!
Posted by Dr. James MD 7th November, 2007

Very very good! I don't think it has much lastability short of the online scoreboards. It's good but it could be great with a bit more content!
Posted by Rikus 9th November, 2007
Rated :

Excellent, front paged!
Posted by Green Gnome 9th November, 2007
Rated :

Why oh WHY does it have to be full screen? I'll play it once there's a windowed version. My ATi card makes MMF games screwy when you use full screen.
Posted by Jens Bergensten 9th November, 2007
Rated :

Green Gnome: Create a shortcut with the /NOF command line parameter (it's case sensitive).
Posted by \/\/olf 9th November, 2007
Rated :

Posted by Green Gnome 9th November, 2007
Rated :

Oooh! Thank you, Jens
Posted by Jens Bergensten 9th November, 2007
Rated :

Added rating!
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 9th November, 2007
Rated :

5 stars baby.
Posted by Jakob37 10th November, 2007
Rated :

Great! what can I more say? Great!
(Although it took a while before I realised that you actually could HOLD the firebutton.. )
Posted by Sphax 13th November, 2007
Rated :

A great game but a bit too difficult !
Posted by sysoptic 14th November, 2007
Rated :

4 stars
Posted by Moonyjacob 23rd November, 2007
Rated :

good game but the most fustrating i've played for a while, and its just abou impossible, i had difficulty getting 1000 score?






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