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Bet on a War
Author: thewreck Submitted: 27th June, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 325

Edited By thewreck on 6/27/2003


just the other night i had been speaking with zenith about his game miniwars. i tested some new features he did and suddenly i remembered that i had also made a similar game a couple of years ago. So i got inspired and fixxed mine up aswell, and here it is! if you havent tried miniwar, do that aswell!

i must also thank zenith for the idea of the knifefights, or whatever they are in miniwar. That really urged me to add knifes aswell to mine.

its basically a screensaver, but the idea is that you bet on which team is going to win before the battle starts (i acually lost 120 kr (15$) to a friend once on this!! beware!)

I uploaded it in 2 versions, one exe and one scr.

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Posted by matt griffith [zenith] 27th June, 2003

Haha, Red is pwning Blue, losers!
Posted by matt griffith [zenith] 27th June, 2003

great 'game' btw :D
Posted by ruffles 27th June, 2003

hey great dude :D
Posted by Sakeido 27th June, 2003

hey man this thing is wicked!
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 28th June, 2003

oh...very cool...1 million soldiers that´s...shooting...
Posted by -Messiah- 28th June, 2003

all i have to say: :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Posted by Rott bott 28th June, 2003

Vem förlorade du mot?
Posted by thewreck 28th June, 2003

a friend of mine. "munthe"
Posted by canazza 28th June, 2003

I made one like that too, unfortunatly the Allies had the upper hand in the final version, and I've lost the source... :(
Posted by Snowmanman 28th June, 2003

Haha this is amazing. Heh, I got a stalemate! what can we do! After a while of guys not moving, it should Draw it and restart, cuz this is getting boring, no one doing anything :P
Posted by thewreck 28th June, 2003

Yah i was going to add that, but i had already uploaded so i couldnt bother,, but sure ill do that right away..
Posted by thewreck 28th June, 2003

ok, i have uploaded a new version now, that has a timer of 120 seconds. (same links) and ill let you in on a little secret aswell, this thing never really made it to the final version, but if ya like you can enable and disable TANKS with + and - key. happy tanking!
Posted by AfterStar 29th June, 2003

Its great for a while! Snipers are extremely powerful! And it needs screen resolution 1024x768! in 800x600 it cuts the play-area!
Posted by Blackgaze 29th June, 2003

nice :)
Posted by Sami 2nd July, 2003

Use the display properties extention to change the resolution to 786X1024 and then change it back to the original resolution or have the screen streched otherwise people who use lower resolutions won't see the whole screen . Cool sound effects !
Posted by Lloyd Harvey 2nd July, 2003

Well done...quite simply brilliant.
Posted by Lloyd Harvey 2nd July, 2003

Well done...quite simply brilliant.
Posted by thewreck 2nd July, 2003

thanks for the comments, yeah i could do that about the resolution, but its really an obsolete game, so i dont know if i will bother. anyway, glad you all seemed to like it!
Posted by WesR 5th July, 2003

Yeah, I've made one of these while trying to figure out some vietnam AI
Posted by Assault Andy 21st June, 2004

Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 29th June, 2004

this is @_@ omfg XD {scream} AAAAAHHHH ITS TOO MUCH AAAAAH XD @_@
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 29th June, 2004

{no} this is not workin out rite man it crashed the second time i runned it {cry}
Posted by Wormware 20th October, 2004

Wow, this is nice!!
Posted by Garth G 13th May, 2005

Please help! when i click it it says im missing a dam DLL file! i hate DLL!





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