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thewreck's Great Balls of Fire
Author: thewreck Submitted: 20th April, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 370
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By thewreck on 4/21/2004

An addicitve game in the style of 'avoid nasty things flying towards you'

features online scores for competitive play.

ingame screenshots sorta doesnt give it justice, cause its the movement on the screen that makes it what it is.

(also features some nice high-tempo music)

new version, 1.1:

fixxed a superior 'cheat' tactic.

added fullscreen support.

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Posted by Batchman 21st April, 2004

this game is gre there is a simple tecnique to get high point : simply attract the small
Posted by Batchman 21st April, 2004

stupid navigator : this game is great, but it need full screen , (i'm in 1280x960, do you think it's playable windowed ? :) ) but there is a too-simple (cheating ?) technique to get high point that should be banned : simply move your mouse out of the windows and move around the windows quicly , the small will be attracted near the centre , when there is enought , move them in a big ball to get great combo , in some level the big ball go near the centre , and it's even more easy, you can hardy never be killed
Posted by thewreck 21st April, 2004

mm. yes, i noted that whilst I was playing myself. will upload a new version which will counter this with a new highscore board
Posted by thewreck 21st April, 2004

A New version has been uploaded (1.1), the older version wont work submitting scores. what is fixxed? press F for fullscreen. moving mouse in circles outside playfield tactic has been fixxed not the simply 'rule'
Posted by Hikari 21st April, 2004

nice game! look at that i'm somewhere around 8th in the highscores XD The power of cosines! (you must have used trig in this game, haven't you?)
Posted by thewreck 21st April, 2004

its based on it!
Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 21st April, 2004

Great game! I'm 2nd in highscores :D
Posted by janne valtonen 21st April, 2004

name reminds me Concker's bad fur day :) there was quest named big balls of poo :D
Posted by Cazra 21st April, 2004

cool game. Ah.....the power of trig!
Posted by Philipe (Phil-Con Games) 21st April, 2004

i like the music a whole lot, nice game. It took me a while to figure out that you move with the mouse, though. You might wanna mention that, but otherwise, nice game here!
Posted by :JULI@N: 21st April, 2004

this thing rocks. seriously i like the music, the concept, the um backround movind, it just gives me a feeling, of, er, awesomenes.. thing.. stuff this is very cool, period
Posted by thewreck 22nd April, 2004

matt: happy for ya, altough i think u might have been pushed down somewhat now =P sner: trig yes.. agree there philipe: i was hoping the fact that u click the mouse to start the game would hint you to stick with holding the mouse... mayby that wasnt too clear though.. but its not really a huge problem, seems only you mentioned it.. about the rest, thanx! julian: the background changes color aswell you know! =D
Posted by Strife 22nd April, 2004

Goodness gracious GREAT BALLS O' FIRE!!! :D Sorry, I had to shout that. ;) I've never played a klik-game that uses the mouse to move the player. I'm downloading this right away!
Posted by Strife 22nd April, 2004

Coo coo pretty cooooool! The frame-rate is a bit choppy on my computer, but it's still an excellent game. You took a scientific law of gravity and turned it into something fun. I should try that. ;)
Posted by Gaspy Conana 22nd April, 2004

Yay, another game by you! I love it, and as I have said in the past, all of your games have that distinct feeling to them, this one included. Nice job.
Posted by Lazernaut 23rd April, 2004

I'd really it if you made a tutorial about the online highscore thing.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 23rd April, 2004

this is a great game :) proves that coding and sound outlaw graphics i LOVE that music! i want to rape it :P
Posted by thewreck 23rd April, 2004

strife: to bad about framerate, good its fun anyway! thanx necro! you have always been there =) evis: look at and check developer login, after that there are lots of examples on how do to do the highscore thingy thanx software. and i love the music too
Posted by Strife 24th April, 2004 eh? In fact, i've been working on a small Pong-like game and I thought about adding an online high score. I'll go check it out. The frame-rate problem in the game is now gone. Turns out that the game runs faster in full-screen mode. *slaps forehead* :p
Posted by Matt Shelley / JelloCube27 24th April, 2004

thewreck is still the man :D
Posted by ChrisB 25th April, 2004

I love that music so much. It has an excellent atmosphere, just like all your other games... it just makes them so much fun to play. Love it. If I could remember the password to my other account, I'd give you two thumbs up. ;P
Posted by Goran Sorin 29th April, 2004

This game is pretty good ... :) i like it !
Posted by Hauptmann_086 4th May, 2004

This game really rocks! :D
Posted by Darson 4th May, 2004

Wohaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Beautiful!!
Posted by Kåre Kølle Johansen 5th May, 2004

Posted by AnnieFannie 29th May, 2004

good game, reviewed on
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 29th June, 2004

@_@ @_@ @_@my shout is even louder and more realistic {scream} {scream} @_@ @_@ @_@ @_@
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 20th December, 2006






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