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Strategist 2.4
Author: thewreck Submitted: 5th May, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Turn-based Strategy Downloads: 428

Edited By thewreck on 5/4/2007

New Version Of the Game!

Oxeye Game Studio is proud to announce Strategist 2.4!

Strategist is a turnbased strategy game for one to ten players, over the net, or locally on the same computer.

It features a simple yet tactically complex rule-system which allows for many fun and varied sessions. The game can generate the map for you using an extensive map generator with parameters for each aspect of the map. You can also create your own favourite scenarios with all custom triggers and rules using the same mapeditor the developers used to create the campaigns.

Play through 5 campaigns featuring over 20 scenarios in whole. If you get stuck you are always offered to view a solution to the map that we developers did.

An internet Game-Lobby is supported for easy gamefinding over the net where you can host your own custom maps for easy sharing with other players or just play a skirmish.

Strategist now also features playing on cylinder maps, which means that the world has no borders on the left and right side, they are connected. Much like civilisations world map scenarios. This allows for all new tactics and manoveours which are bound to suprise any player.

Strategist version 2.4 is a huge improvement on the first release by providing campaigns, custom scenarios, a map editor, cylinder maps and lobby support. Thus we are now confident that this will be an all new experience for those that have already played strategist, and a very satisfying one for our new players.

Strategist is a shareware game but can of course be tried out for free! the price for the full game is $14.95 or 12.50 Euro, (including VAT).

Our homepage is located at where you can find more screenshots and our other game projects.

Oxeye Game Studio is an independant game development group situated in Malmö Sweden.

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Posted by Wicked Studios 5th May, 2006

I think ive seen this same game on here before, but I'll download it anyway. Looks interesting.
Posted by Mruqe 6th May, 2006

Looks quite proffesional. But it's way to expensive for a click game.
Posted by DaVince 6th May, 2006

As good as this looks, it's not my type of game, so I won't download it. Looks really good though.
Posted by axel 6th May, 2006

(It's not a click game, Mruqe )
Posted by chrilley 7th May, 2006

This is good. But I doubt this will do well on the market... Good luck anyway!
Posted by Aaron Tomko 9th May, 2006

Well done "thewreck"! While not really my cup'o tea in reference to genre I really enjoyed this one. Very professional and a great design as well. In reference to the marketing of this game, I wish you luck as it can be hard to pull off.
Posted by Milo 20th May, 2006

Well I liked the stratigist, but I'm not willing to pay





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