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McLaren Racing
Author: thewreck Submitted: 18th August, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Racing Downloads: 707

Edited By thewreck on 5/4/2007

I updated this game with car selection and 3 difficulties!

Some time ago, i think DT asked if someone in the community had a racing game cause he needed one to show off MMF2 with at a conference. He was leaving for it in 10 hours, so the deadline was rather short, but this only inspired me, i always wanted to make a racing game after all! So i said, id make a game from scratch in mmf2 for him, what wouldn't you do for clickteam ey?

This was the result. Although this has been availible for download in the clickteam forum for some time, it seems this is a better place to give it some air.

McLaren Racing
You race around a track against 3 computer opponents, 3 laps. At your disposal you also have 3 nitros which you should use carefully, there is a thin line between flying off the track and overtaking another car in a perfect drive.

The AI for each car is of varying difficulty, so that there should always be at least 1 car that is driving where you are.

* slipstream effects
* nitro
* starter signal boost
* a brake!
* reverse!
* AI
* timing
* skidding
* varying speed on varying surfaces
* car reflections on the windshields!
* a bunch of car designs.

Arrows - Steer
Up - Throttle
Ctrl / Space - Brake
Shift - Nitro

I'm releasing this as opensource, since i'm not working on it anymore. If anyone feels like they would like to use the engine, the graphics, or anything else from the game, please do, just mention me somewhere =.


This is not a demo, or a complete game, this is rather a complete racing engine, hower, im sure lots of more stuff needs to be added before this becomes a complete game, but for the racing part of things, it works rather well.

thanks to:
Ben "stuckboy" Mercer - for the lovely fire effect.

No special objects are used in this engine.

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Posted by Nova Soft 19th August, 2006

Very nice indeed! Plays beautifully!
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 19th August, 2006


good work
Posted by Hempuli 19th August, 2006

Exellent gamme, but that name is a bit... umm.. comic.
Posted by axel 19th August, 2006

Looks really nice.

Lots of engines here lately, eh?
Posted by Michael P 20th August, 2006

Exellent gamme, but that name is a bit... umm.. comic. :

how? Its a game about racing McLarens...They're cars
Posted by Deep Games ( 20th August, 2006

I love this game, fullstop. Very good engine.
Posted by thewreck 20th August, 2006

thanks for all the nice comments! i really appriciate it!

As dark mist say, its a game about racing McLarens. Nothing strange about that. =

Anyone wanna post their Lap Records?

i used to be alot better, but now all i can get is times around 18:50
Posted by thewreck 20th August, 2006

hehe, well yeah the crashing. It happends randomly, i like to believe its not my fault, im not using any extensions. I blame clickteam!
Posted by thewreck 20th August, 2006

oh i forgot to mention, you won! nice job. Lots of people complain about the game being very hard! congrats!
Posted by Michael P 20th August, 2006

Its a fun game, but make more of it! Turn it into a full blown game with a ton of tracks, upgrades and more, then it'll be VERY good.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 21st August, 2006


With a buy/upgrade engine so you can upgrade the car, paint it diferently, and such. It would be awesome!

and then online!

Posted by Mruqe 21st August, 2006

The screens look fantastic!
Posted by Johnny Look 24th August, 2006

I gotta take a look...
Posted by Alan D James 24th August, 2006

Cool looking, it's just a bit slow on my PC, which makes playing it a bit slow and not much fun. Not sure but it may be because of my screen card.
Posted by Chrisbo 24th August, 2006

This is awesome!
Posted by ben mercer 25th August, 2006

Wow he used my fire effect! Although it didn't look quite as good when travelling at high speeds.

The game itself was pretty cool. It crashed a lot, and I found that the vehicles were a little too skiddy (the traction was pretty terrible even when going slowly) but it's definitely a nice little showcase of MMF2s abilities.
Posted by /\/\@RCU$ [Modern Game Creations] 27th November, 2006

lol u can cheat in this game by clicking around the track, i got 10 seconds he he, sorry to admit that though





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