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Custom 8 directions- smooth!
Author: Bricnic Submitted: 6th June, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 176

Screen shots are unnecessary for this "game".

This is just an example file, showing two new (dunno if they've been done before, but they look pretty new) eight directions movements. It's not the type which uses detectors, and set x position etc. it's just a ball movement with modifications (lots!). Needs direction calculator, that's all I think. Basically this is just a smoother version of the built in 8 directions (you'll understand when you see it), and a different eight directions (more realistic, and suited to walking).
Controls can be changed a.l.a standard movement.
An example game is attactched to demonstrate the movements, it's just two player tag (quite hard, eh?). If you can't seem to find the movement, look in the behaviour
This allows you to just clone an object, without lengthy code changes.
enjoy. Right click, save target as, should work, if not I'll resubmit with a different URL.

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Posted by ncsoftware 7th June, 2003

link doesn't work with save target as either.
Posted by Galaxy613 7th June, 2003

copy and paste and delete the %20's and put spaces in their place then it will work
Posted by Pete Nattress 7th June, 2003

pretty original but i think i prefer the old one! this is too confusing.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 8th June, 2003

The first one is kinda like the movement I used for Zombies Now, which was basically the default 8-directions movement, but with smooth turning. I also used the Direction Calculator.
Posted by Bricnic 9th June, 2003

I know this movement does seem confusing, but just ignore what's happening, and hold down the direction you want to go. Then, it will do the turning for you. The reason I made this is because I didn't like the way the old 8 directions movement is really unfair, and unrealistic, because you have infinite agility (direction changing speed). This way you have to turn to reach your target. The second one is basically just racing car movement, but with a few adjustments- instead of instantly going from direction 0 to direction 4 and so on, it goes through all the directions in between. This gives a much smoother effect. Try making a spaceship or whatever, and give it racing car movement, with 8 directions that it can face in. Then you'll see what I mean.





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