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Nic's Tomato Game
Author: Bricnic Submitted: 17th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 113

Edited By Rikus on 7/19/2003

*Much of this text taken from preview, March 20*
This is one of my bigger projects, and it is as you can see a puzzle game. It's called Nic's Tomato Game, even if it sounds corny, because I based it on a really cool old game for the AMIGA- Bill's Tomato Game. If you've ever played that, you'll know the general concept behind the game, but don't worry, it isn't a clone

In Nic's Tomato Game, you play the part of a little tomato, who has to reach the end of every stage (that's obviously not the storyline, I'll think of one later ). In each stage, you have a number of tools- you always start on a spring, where you can launch yourself into the air. From there, you can be affected by whatever gadgets you have placed- fans, metal boxes, jack-in-the-boxes etc. Anyway, do whatever you can to reach the conveyor belt at the end. You have only a limited number of tomatoes each level, as well as time, and if you run out of either you lose a life.

There more worlds in this game since the preview, 6 in fact (but that's including tutorial world, which has one level). That makes for a grand total of 16 playable levels! This demo only shows you the first 4.

The qualty of the graphics is a fair bit better than the screenshots show, because they have compressed the images (there's lots of fuzzy bits and stuff). Anyway, the full version is in (slow) production, I'm making lots of other games though.

There are a few bugs in this demo, which I will have fixed in the full version. They aren't major, but the worst one is that when you launch yourself off the starting spring, you may jump slightly differently than when you last jumped. It just means you have to use more tomatoes in each level, but it can be irritating

I was going to get rid of the title, because it was created in Word but I couldn't find any better ways to draw it (I didn't search very hard.. heheheh...) I will replace that in the full version, the point in the demo is just to try it out anyway.

P.S Heheheh.. the screenshots are the same as the preview, but oh well, you can see more in-game. Remember that if you want to save the game, you have to make a folder in the Tomato game directory called Saves, otherwise it wont work.
Oh, and, don't bother trying to enter any of the other worlds- their doors are there, but they can't be entered
You can try editing your save game (it's just an ini, I will make an array in the full version) to see what they look like when they are available, if you can really be bothered X)

P.P.S I haven't really been working on this for several months, when I suddenly realised I had forgotten to submit a demo to DC. So, here you go

The link is:

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Posted by Ollie 18th July, 2003

I can't get the download to work.
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 18th July, 2003

not me etheir...
Posted by Death Reaper X 18th July, 2003

Can you tell us the url because it's just linking back to this page.
Posted by Rikus 19th July, 2003

Found the link:
Posted by ChrisB 19th July, 2003

I remember the original, it was quite a fun game, so I'd like to see how this compares. Don't forget to turn off your download managers!
Posted by AndyUK 19th July, 2003

my copy of gozilla wont go away even though ive uninstalled it! but it doesnt interfere if i right click on a link
Posted by The_one 19th July, 2003

holy crap, the d/load is only going at 5 kbs max! thats soooooo slow! now its only 2 kbs...i want broadband speeds!! .. ... damn, i was hoping a rant would pass the time...its still only on 6%
Posted by Bricnic 20th July, 2003

Freewebs has really slow d/l speeds. But oh well, I definately won't put the full version on Freewebs, I'll find a better host.
Posted by Djfuego 20th July, 2003

The link keeps returning to this page. Can someone up this on a real server?
Posted by matrixkitty 20th July, 2003

good job but on the level select you should let the player play with the arrow keys and in the main game you should have it show trails(you know those little dotted lines)that follow the player to make it easier
Posted by Bricnic 20th July, 2003

If I showed trails, the innacuracy bug would be even more glaringly obvious :P but good idea all the same, I'll make that an option that you can toggle in the full version. That is, if I even finish the full version, I've got the following worlds done: Tutorial Grasslands Snowfields (no I didn't copy off fishhead3, I didn't even see that game before I made this) Seascape Bonus minigame- topple! Firecaverns.
Posted by Even 30th July, 2003

I have broadband, but do not get my speed! Its 2,50 kb per second! WHY, WHY???
Posted by Bricnic 30th July, 2003

Because of freewebs. I hate freewebs. X)






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