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Spider Shooter
Author: Bricnic Submitted: 17th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 106

Edited By Nicholas on 7/20/2003

A fun spider shooting game, which includes both single player, and 2 player over a local area network. I haven't made it playable over the internet, because it's slow enough just over the lan, the net will lag it way too much... Anyway, the purpose in single player is simply to shoot the spiders, and to try and get a highscore. You have an instant hit machine gun (ctrl) mines (enter) grenades(space) and a laser sight(hold shift while not moving). The game becomes progressively harder, every wave of 50 spiders is a bit tougher to kill, and from Wave 2 onwards, the spiders shoot barbs. Pressing Z uses your spider whistle, which attracts all the spiders. This is useful for commiting suicide, or for finding the last few spiders in a wave. A bit I like in this game is the random forest. A random forest is generated each time, and if you shoot the trees, leaves fall down. In some trees, you will find spider scent, which makes you radiate a spider-attracting scent (very annoying!) This was my brother's idea to add.

Another feature that I added (becuase my of my brother, again ) is "drugs", which you can unlock after you have killed the first wave of spiders. Go to the menu to unlock it. There is a secret key combination to unlock this aswell, not that you'll ever guess it... I'll give you a clue, you hold 3 buttons at once, and they aren't letters...

There are a few bugs in this version, please tell me if you find any. If you notice something else you would like added, tell me and I'll see what I can do. Zip file includes cncs232.dll. I'll give out some parts of the source (e.g how did you do that?) if anyone wants me to.
Enjoy. P.S please rate/review if you have time.

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Posted by Bricnic 20th July, 2003

If the link doesn't work, try
Posted by Rikus 23rd July, 2003

Remember to press your right mouse button and choose: "Save Target As"
Posted by ChrisB 23rd July, 2003

AHh! I never realised it was you...
Posted by J-Mac 23rd July, 2003

download not working...
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 23rd July, 2003

4 kb/sec? umm
Posted by En 23rd July, 2003

This Game is Cool! What did u use for the online part? Moo?
Posted by Heart Break Kid 24th July, 2003

Posted by eyeangle 24th July, 2003

It's a copy of JP -
Posted by eyeangle 24th July, 2003

But it's pretty good!
Posted by Bricnic 24th July, 2003

Thanks guys! I just used the network object for the multiplayer bit, although I could've used MooClick etc.
Posted by Bricnic 24th July, 2003

I never even saw the JP game- I just visited it, and it shocked me when I read the description- sounded almost exactly the same! But yeah, this was just the eventual result of an attempt at making multiplayer instant hit over LAN.
Posted by Rott bott 25th July, 2003

That would make 15600 different combinations for the cheat in a normal 26-letter alphabet. Just a thought :)
Posted by Rott bott 25th July, 2003

Sorry, it was NOT letters.





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