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Tribe Wars Screensaver
Author: Bricnic Submitted: 25th April, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 146

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This is my entry to Shab's screensaver compo. It features two little villages, which produce villagers, and these villagers either become soldiers or build more huts. I haven't seen either team win yet, but oh well...

I won't add screenshots, seeing as it is only 376KB.

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Posted by Kramy 25th April, 2004

First comment! Woo! :D This is neat, althrough there should be an option to either turn blood off, or just have it vanish after a while. :)
Posted by Cazra 26th April, 2004

quoth the server, "404." Copy the url under "Download Now" and paste that into the address bar. ;)
Posted by Cazra 26th April, 2004

lol. Neat screensaver. It's fun to watch them kill eachother off!
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 26th April, 2004

Why oh why oh why would you be using Freewebs? It's the worst of the bunch. Downloading anyway, slowly.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 26th April, 2004

I use freewebs too... So what if they're slow? Is there a better host thats free and easy-to-use? If there is then please let me know so i can switch. If there isnt then stop complaining.
Posted by Rovak[Crazy_produtions] 27th April, 2004

yo nicholas if you want i can put the file on a high speed paid server, contact me if you are interrested (ps. if there are any other clickers that are searching for high speed webspace contact me at, im offering this service for free)
Posted by Bricnic 28th April, 2004

First of all, thanks for the comments! Yeah, I should have had an options menu, but I need time to work on the Acoders compo. And AsparagusTrevor, if you hate freewebs, what do YOU suggest I use? Geocities is surely worse, but I like the sound of Rovak's offer. I'll send u an email Rovak.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 28th April, 2004

Geocities isn't as bad as Freewebs at all. You usually get webspace with your ISP, for some reason nobody ever uses it.
Posted by AndyUK 29th April, 2004

mabye they don't know.
Posted by Kramy 30th April, 2004

I prefer geocities to freewebs. Freewebs speed during peak times: 1kb/sec Freewebs normal speed: 4.4kb/sec Geocities speed during peak times: 164kb/sec(my connection's maximum) Geocities normal speed: 164kb/sec
Posted by Grazzum - Scorpion E 2nd May, 2004

Omg you Son of a bitch! You stole my Idea for my screensaver, except mine was napoleonic!!!!!`111! AARARRRGGGGGG, Nah i gave up on it ages ago. But you know what they say, "Great minds think alike" :D (Sorry about the "Son of a Bitch" part, No insult meant)
Posted by Matt 6th May, 2004

DIE MOTHER F*CKER DIE!!!!! dude this is kool
Posted by Bricnic 9th May, 2004

lol ty Soz Grazzum, got the idea for this after digging up baldies, made it it like an hour :P
Posted by sunraider3 22nd October, 2008

omg lol. i like how there is no backround, theyare invading my desktop!!!





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