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Stick Combat
Author: Bricnic Submitted: 3rd September, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 233

Edited By Nicholas on 9/5/2003

In this game, you are two stickmen. You will need to find a friend to play this game, it is a two player fighting game (similar to Street Fighter). You can't jump, but you can punch, super punch, kick, super kick and shoot a fireball.
The game doesn't come with any instructions, so here are the controls; Player 1:
Arrow keys to move
Space bar to punch
-space bar twice to super punch
Ctrl to kick
-Ctrl twice to super kick
Space bar, Ctrl, Ctrl= Fireball.

The two health bars obviously represent the player's health, however, the semi-transparent health bar is for "recoverable health". When you have just been attacked, you will lose lots of health, but you can recover up the the faded bar if you wait around a bit (or run away). Fireballs are really useful, because they drain ALL of your opponents recoverable health

By the way, this game is not a very serious attempt at a good game, it's just a bit of fun. Oh and sorry about only one screenshot, Freewebs is to slow to upload to anyway

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Posted by Bricnic 4th September, 2003

Grrr. If you wanna see the screenshot, take a look at
Posted by Bricnic 5th September, 2003

d/l works now.
Posted by Lew 5th September, 2003

Umm...I have't downloaded but if this is compiled, it's just a compiled version of an example in the file archives at clickteam. Unless it was you who posted it?
Posted by Bricnic 5th September, 2003

I posted it. I am also known as Bricnic.
Posted by ChrisB 7th September, 2003

Correct. Um, I can't get the fireball to work :P
Posted by Bricnic 14th September, 2003

Heh.. remember, space ctrl ctrl, many people make the mistake of pressing space space ctrl.
Posted by izac 13th January, 2005

It's good but the computer won't fight me! lol





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