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Billy Bob the Cactus Blob 1.5
Author: Phlibbit Submitted: 5th February, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 75

This is the third released (second in the timeline) adventure of Billy Bob the Cactus Blob. You may like this one a bit more than Billy Bob 1 or 2. This is the original sequel to Billy Bob 1, so it's more like the style of that game. There's an adventure mode, a mini-game mode, and a few secrets thrown in there too. Enjoy! And for what it's worth, please don't make a comment unless you've played the game.

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 Bob 1.5 Installer.exe (.98mb )

Posted by - Yelnek - 6th February, 2004

This one looks interesting.... Better Graphics! Downloading....
Posted by Phlibbit 6th February, 2004

I hope you enjoy it for what it's worth, and just don't take the game too seriously :)
Posted by - Yelnek - 7th February, 2004

HAHAHAHAHAHA... I like the PS2 that was in the Trash!
Posted by citizen[Ac] 7th February, 2004

this one looks interesting... better graphics? i hate to see what the old gfx looked like
Posted by AndyUK 7th February, 2004

This probably is the worst game ive ever played. Sorry mate but its not enjoyable to play at all dont make anymore of these games.
Posted by :JULI@N: 7th February, 2004

i do like them. they are funny. you can do another one and be sure i'll download it.
Posted by :JULI@N: 7th February, 2004

oh yeah, my favorite part was when you climb the grey mountain and chariot of fires is playing.
Posted by :JULI@N: 7th February, 2004

but no one likes it. *sigh* we genuises are so misunderstood, aren't we, Phlibbit?
Posted by Phlibbit 8th February, 2004

Apparently so. Thanks for the positive comment!
Posted by TLONMASTER 8th February, 2004

Positive comments rock. Genius is never understood.
Posted by vortex2 11th February, 2004

Woah well you made all of your own gfx, that is a plus... Lets see here... hmm... wow. Yes becuase in real life you DO bounce off EVERYTHING like that ;). Oh and the way the blob guy never changes directions and walks backwards is scary :p. That is the thing about these "joke games" they can still be funny and made well at the same time ;) like high quality funny :P. It is very strange how in the costume shop you get a hat and have to fight some snakes but you cant turn around and you got to press n... Why n? what is with n? Anyway I probally didnt play long enough to get all the funny stuff out of it :P but.. Well Good Job, it isnt a sonic rip, pong game, breakout clone, mario platform clone, or anything so :P.
Posted by ravnos 17th May, 2004

the links dont work..
Posted by Phlibbit 1st June, 2004

Why yes, yes they do, actually.
Posted by gareth 26th July, 2004

good job in putting xbox and ps2 in trash, nice





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