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Billy Bob the Cactus Blob
Author: Phlibbit Submitted: 29th January, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 94

Edited By Ryan Hoss on 1/30/2004

Edited By Ryan Hoss on 1/30/2004

Edited By Ryan Hoss on 1/30/2004

Hey guys. This was the first TGF game I made, way back in 2001. I've come a relatively long way since then, hence the crappiness of this. But hopefully, you'll come to like this game, as there *heh* really isn't anything out there like it, other than the numerous sequels I've made...

By the way, if you're smart, you'll realize that this game is supposed to look like a five-year-old made it. That's the point. Download it! Give it a whirl! And one more thing, download and play this game BEFORE you decide to make a comment on it. This is one of those games you have to just play first

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 Bob the Cactus Blob installer.exe (1.14mb )

Posted by Mingy Jongo 29th January, 2004

I absolutly love this game. It is very original.
Posted by Mr Coffee 30th January, 2004

"walk on pad to shoot homie missilee" Uh, I think I will pass on downloading this one.:)
Posted by Mingy Jongo 30th January, 2004

Don't just pass on it becuase of the misspellings. It is actually really good.
Posted by Simen 30th January, 2004

Umh... this looks... umh... kinda.... umh... Yes indeed.
Posted by Phlibbit 30th January, 2004

Yes, of COURSE this is a joke-type game. It's meant to be stupid! And if you can't figure that out, are!
Posted by Mr Coffee 31st January, 2004

Sure its a joke phlibbit, sure..... Your just trying to save face.:P
Posted by Socko 31st January, 2004

mr socko lieks htis gaem lotz
Posted by renneF 31st January, 2004

man this game looks great :)
Posted by Cazra 31st January, 2004

This was retarded...I loved it! Lol!I think that's the best waste of time I've ever done. :D
Posted by Rik 31st January, 2004

this game rules
Posted by TLONMASTER 31st January, 2004

No, really. Phlibbit sucks in TGF. I know. :D But they're supposed to be bad. I even made the sequel.
Posted by Digital Dream software 1st February, 2004

ive seen dog turds that arent as sloppy as that.
Posted by TLONMASTER 1st February, 2004

Phizzy: The credits list is sort of a. . .say. . .lie. Half of those people didn't even know about the game, yet they made it on the list. I recall being on the credits list, and not even knowing about the project. :D
Posted by Phlibbit 2nd February, 2004

Actually, haaaaa, I'm developing a remake of the original Billy Bob the Cactus Blob, with an actual plot, game mechanics, and updated graphics. I'll put up a preview sometime soon...
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 3rd February, 2004

Did you ever noticed that people who make the worst click games, people like Phizzy, are full of shit.
Posted by Phlibbit 3rd February, 2004

Amen to that!
Posted by Phlibbit 4th February, 2004

Actually, Phizzy, if you could send me any of your ACTUAL games, then I'd be perfectly happy to put them on my webspace for the entire world to view the greatness that is Phizzy.
Posted by ruffles 4th February, 2004

stop complaining you faggots this game has even better graphics than fishhead 3 omg plz dont bash me!!
Posted by ruffles 4th February, 2004

i hope you know i'm kidding (omg ruined the joke)
Posted by Phlibbit 6th February, 2004

What's the matter, Phizzy? Don't want me to host your games? Okay, that's fine. I'll just let everyone to continue thinking you suck. I mean, it's not my problem.
Posted by TLONMASTER 7th February, 2004

You sure like to suck, Phizzy.
Posted by Phlibbit 11th February, 2004

What a hypocrite. Death City, anyone?
Posted by TLONMASTER 18th February, 2004

Wait, I'm confused. . .how did I make any ripoffs of any games, Mr. Phizzy? I have no frickin' clue what it is you speak of. Might I add, you spend a large amount of your time leaving comments on the Billy Bob games. . .you just can't get enough of them, can you?
Posted by Phlibbit 19th February, 2004

I think he's talking about your Billy Bob 2, TLON. Anyway, I think he's too afraid to admit that BB2 is better than the glorious person creator.
Posted by Phlibbit 3rd March, 2004

Good grief. Why do you even bother to come back to these old games and attempt to post comebacks or whatever to try to retain your erm...reputation? I mean, it's almost sad, really. And it's even more sad to see that you have to make up words for insults like 'anal beard shampoo' because you're too stupid to find real ones. Ahem.





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