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Billy Bob the Cactus Blob 2
Author: Phlibbit Submitted: 1st February, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 74

Yes, hello! This is the sequel to Billy Bob the Cactus Blob. It was created by TLONMASTER, but since Billy Bob is my creation, we've agreed that I will post it. Anyway, this is in a bit different spirits than the first; you actually have a hint of a storyline, and actual level objectives. Be sure to listen to the original voice samples; that's my voice in the intro. Enjoy!

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 Bob 2 Installer.exe (3.46mb )

Posted by Mr Coffee 3rd February, 2004

Stop clogging the DC with this garbage.
Posted by Mingy Jongo 3rd February, 2004

You have to avoid the duck.
Posted by Mingy Jongo 3rd February, 2004

It will die on it's own.
Posted by TLONMASTER 3rd February, 2004

Jesus, what's so hard about the duck? Well, in any case, the game does suck, I'll give you that.
Posted by - Yelnek - 3rd February, 2004

Awww mna...I haven't played but can tell its no good :S.... and and....and your avatar man....does that mean there's going to be a...a....a THREE?~!?!?!?!?!
Posted by Phlibbit 3rd February, 2004

Yes, there will be a Billy Bob 3, eventually. But it's not the third in the series. Other than Billy Bob 1 and 2, there are 3 other games which will eventually be posted :)
Posted by - Yelnek - 3rd February, 2004

Sounds inmteresting man... This one does look a little better than the first one... Hopefully the other ones you post will be even better eh!
Posted by Phlibbit 4th February, 2004

I'm not Mingy. Just because his Geocities website title is 'cactus_blob' doesn't mean anything. He just named it that, because he's played Billy Bob since long before I posted them here, and since the Billy Bob series was recently on his mind, and the 'other good Geocities names' were taken, he just used 'cactus_blob'. There's your answer. Happy?
Comment edited by Phlibbit on 11/02/2017
Posted by Mingy Jongo 4th February, 2004

Yeah, me and him were both from YBK, an old Banjo-Kazooie board. Lots of games were introduced there, like BKPC, Eat That Sock, and of course, Billy Bob.
Posted by vortex2 4th February, 2004

Posted by TLONMASTER 5th February, 2004

Look, Mr. Phizzy Games, if you can post the majorly exciting "Person Creator" and "Mongo Pad" he can post Billy Bob.
Posted by TLONMASTER 6th February, 2004

*teabags Phizzy*
Posted by Cazra 12th February, 2004

dis wuerez col. lol. I liked BBTCB 1 and 1.5 better though.





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