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Monsters of Mythology
Author: Phlibbit Submitted: 1st June, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 84

Edited By Phlibbit on 6/2/2004

Edited By Phlibbit on 6/2/2004

Edited By Phlibbit on 6/1/2004

Monsters of Mythology is a little quickie game I whipped out for Latin class. You play as the mighty Hercules, and must navigate through the labyrinth while stocking up on health, and locating weapons to use against EVIL enemies such as Cancer, a giant crab, and Hydra, a water beast with nine heads. It isn't particularly long, hard, or earth-shattering in terms of gameplay or graphics, but it's a neat little adventure you can blast through if you're bored, AND you learn about mythology at the same time! Enjoy.

UPDATE-Monsters of Mythology Version 1.1

All right, I fixed some stuff so the game doesn't seem as bad. I've updated the title screen to let you know to double click on the story. The labyrinth level has updated graphics, and is easier to control. The Cancer boss has sound effects. Oh, and the reason Cancer is so easy is that, if you bother to read any mythology at all, Cancer is a coward, and avoids confrontation. Anyway, there are also sound effects in the Hydra battle, as well as a little bit more challenge; Hydra spits out DEATHLY POISONOUS BREATH, just like in the myth! So yeah, enjoy the new version.

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Posted by Nick of All Trades 1st June, 2004

Bone! Ista quidem vis est!
Posted by Willy C 1st June, 2004

whatch out gotw! Il download later
Posted by Phlibbit 1st June, 2004

I didn't mean for the game to shatter any new groundbreaking stuff or anything. It's just a little quickie game I made for Latin class. Sure beats having to make a shadowbox, report, model, or diorama..
Posted by Phlibbit 1st June, 2004

Oh, and in response to the review (even though you are completely entitled to your own opinion): On the main menu. When you place the mouse pointer over the story...*gasp* the words move! So that indicates you to double click. And as for the lack of er...'lastability', 'gameplay', and the thing about the bosses being too easy: see, I had to make this to present to the class in a quick, easy manner without having to worry about getting killed or any other complications like that. It's just made for one nice, quick trip through one of history's myths.
Posted by MisterBull 1st June, 2004

coulda explained this before having people d-load it ^_^;; woulda made your reputation much more easier
Posted by Phlibbit 1st June, 2004

Well yeah, I should have spelled it out for some people. But then again, how long does it take do download 572 KB? 5 seconds?
Posted by MisterBull 2nd June, 2004

tis cool man.. actually, just take the game.. add more to it.. make it more fun.. you may have something
Posted by danjo 2nd June, 2004

yeah, maybe back in hercules day he would have. <:
Posted by BattleCat 2nd June, 2004

how do i get past the title screen ? when it says "choose a story" i can't get any further ..
Posted by Phlibbit 2nd June, 2004

Ahem. "On the main menu. When you place the mouse pointer over the story...*gasp* the words move! So that indicates you to double click."
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd June, 2004

you shouldnt have to double click anyway :P single clicks please :|
Posted by Phlibbit 2nd June, 2004

I prefer double click, because you could make a mistake if you just single click. Why do you want single clicks?
Posted by Stian B. 2nd June, 2004

Haha,wow,right after this review of the game,Super Bros 6 become very populare to review ! :D Hard to take a low score,Phlibbit? At least I can sleep in the night with low scores ;)
Posted by Phlibbit 2nd June, 2004

Yeah, so can I :P And Phizzy, there was supposed to be another story, but I never got around to it.
Posted by Cazra 2nd June, 2004

Me think Phlibbit shood stick two making BillyBob teh Cactus Blob gaams. Really not much of a game. This would be funny as part of a BBtCB game, though.
Posted by Phlibbit 2nd June, 2004

Uh, excuse me Phizzy, Mr. Pancake Boy.
Posted by Phlibbit 3rd June, 2004

Made what? What on earth are you talking about? I was just playing up the fact that even though I don't care about getting low scores from people, your stuff doesn't have the highest ratings in the world either--a la Pancake Boy.
Posted by Stian B. 3rd June, 2004

"I don't care about getting low scores from people" But instead you find one of their games,and rate them low,even use similiare comments,just to show how "unaffected" you are. How would it been if you got a great score,would I also get it? Doubt it.
Posted by Phlibbit 3rd June, 2004

Hey, if Super Bros. 6 was a good game, I would have given it a good review, and I'm sure if Monsters of Mythology was good, you would have given it a good review as well.
Posted by PreviousPlasma (DarkSoft) 3rd June, 2004

Super Bros 6 was lame, I agree. You shot plastic balls out of your hands for crissakes.
Posted by Nuutti 4th June, 2004

omg, my comp is slow. i couldnt play this.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 4th June, 2004

I wouldn't say this is a bad game. :) It is sort of fun, but I think you move a bit to slow on the Cancer level. But on the boss for the cancer level, the game freezes. It bugs me. :P
Posted by Grazzum - Scorpion E 10th June, 2004

Well it's sorta fun, how do you fight the crab, you only move around. And you can leave the screen so Cancer can't get you. Put more work into this and it'll be fun. Ps. Phizzy stop being a dick (He licks anus)
Posted by Phlibbit 11th June, 2004

Well, you're supposed to find the spear in the maze, and then you can use it in both battles against Cancer and Hydra (use the spacebar).






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