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Author: Willy C Submitted: 14th February, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 279

Escape is my one and only finished game. about 30 min of game play, but its finished!
Its a non scroller action game. The player has three guns, pistol, shotgun and automatic.
You dont have unlimited ammo, but if you clear a level on a sertant time - you might
just get it. You have to reload, and so does your enemy - better kill em then.

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Posted by Muggus 14th February, 2004

Looks pretty cool. Action and platformers are winning combo in my books.
Posted by AndyUK 15th February, 2004

i made a game called escape it featured an hairy ape (not really) thankfully this isnt it cos it was a load of **** good screens though
Posted by Radix 15th February, 2004

that was a nice rhyme from now on i'll flame in song with crappy haikus
Posted by Astral_86 15th February, 2004

This game was good made...but not WELL made, I think. The game didn't even have a name, (it said noname) no icon, level 2 was "level 1", some objects overlapped wrong objects, and so on... that's why I don't think it's well made. Also I got bored because it was very repetitive, and you had to reload ALWAYS. No offense, it was an average game, I think. The graphics was very good, and cool effects and sound. And the main character looked alot like Zeb O_O no complain, only a noticement. :) But because of graphics, effects and sound I'll grant ya with a thumb up anyway. :)
Posted by Paul_James 23rd April, 2004

dude noticement isnt even a word
Posted by bojan 16th August, 2004

i cant change the weapons......???why?????
Posted by Willy C 19th September, 2004

yes, you can change the weapons. Kill a guy holding a shotgun and press 2. Same goes for automatics. Use the numbers to change





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