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Unrelenting (Demo)
Author: Willy C Submitted: 24th February, 2004 Favourites:1
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 240

A top down shooter game for you to play, for free. A secret cargo, shipped in a high speed cargo ship filled with plutonium, for a military weapon research on another planet. What they don't know is that they will get a visit from European terrorists, and maybe somebody else
wants to join them, on what's going to be they're last trip.

The game is still under development, but Im releasing the first demo right here. Hope you like it, you didnt like my last games so I have worked hard on this one. If you still dont want to download it, you can read the coding features on my web pages - just edit the picture link

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Posted by Willy C 25th February, 2004

Do you get an error while changing levels or when the screen changes, the game stops or something? Really enojing. Oh and Il like to thank some guy who made the scrolling toturial, it was really helpefull
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 25th February, 2004

Why you put it under Abandoned if it's still under development?
Posted by Kirby Smith 25th February, 2004

This is pretty good. I think the sprites could probably be a little bigger, and there are still a few kinks you need to work out, but for a demo it's really promising.
Posted by Willy C 25th February, 2004

Its not abandoned, I dunno how it got there. ya there are a few bugs, but I have fixed that really bad one that stops the game, and the next release will be in full screen, Im finalising it in MMF. What other kinks do you mean? I have tried hard not to have small bugs and such. Thank you, your the first one to find my games "good", my other games didnt exactly take off.
Posted by Tiri 25th February, 2004

i like it its pretty groovey but the enemys didnt even hit me once while i played it...mabey you should kick there AI up a notch...oh ya make the guy holding a gun or something also plz if possible
Posted by - Yelnek - 25th February, 2004

It looks pretty good dude! I can tell ya took yur time on this one ;)
Posted by Muggus 26th February, 2004

Not bad potential. Although your buddies get killed too easily. :(
Posted by Willy C 26th February, 2004

n the demo its easy not to get hit, in the toturial you wont get hurt - unlimited health. In the next level the enemy is to buissy shootin at your buddies so you wont be hit, but in the full version you dont always have your friends close by. Its the first levels, Im trying to make it easy, my other games have been a bit hard. Your buddies have less health than the enemy, cos in an earlier version the enemies got killed easily, now I can give them equally with health Ya I suppose I can try to animate them holding a gun or something, but the images are so small and that makes it a bit difficult. Plz notice me if you find any enoying bugs or something before its to late to fix em.
Posted by csharks 3rd March, 2004

Its kool wiiycle !!





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