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End of life
Author: Willy C Submitted: 14th February, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 191

A good shoot em up game. Its the zeb engin, but its my animations. The story is abandonned and is a combination between three diffrent stories - so that actually a bit funny. If it runs too slow you can enter my site and download the faster version, but it might run too fast.

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Posted by The Chris Street 14th February, 2004

...looks like recoloured Zeb graphics too.
Posted by Gaspy Conana 14th February, 2004

I'm going to sue the daily click if I see one more screenshot that makes my eyes bleed.
Posted by Ashman 14th February, 2004

That screenshot is... agghhh someone get a priest!
Posted by renneF 14th February, 2004

it looks just like your 'escape' game
Posted by Ashman 15th February, 2004

Some positive comments so far. Perhaps a little work on your graphics, and a little focus on an original engine and you might have something. Did I help?
Posted by Willy C 15th February, 2004

ya, thx alot. and yes, I used the same ghrapics from escape. But dont look at that, try the game. The story is going to confuse you, lots of grammar errors too.
Posted by Yuhkaz 15th February, 2004

You retard ripper! Use your own engine!
Posted by - Yelnek - 17th February, 2004

It keeps giving me an error :S
Posted by - Yelnek - 19th February, 2004

ops..never mind eh!
Posted by Willy C 24th February, 2004

sorry about the badwidth. Im working on it
Posted by Joshua M. 20th November, 2004

Strange. is it possible to get to the next level?
Posted by Willy C 28th November, 2004

sorry, didnt know anyone still downloaded this game. but yea, it is possible to get to the next level. just kill all the badies and exit to the right of the screen
Posted by conexxo 28th January, 2016
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can't download it, 404





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