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Unrelenting Stonehenge Demo
Author: Willy C Submitted: 17th July, 2004 Favourites:1
Genre: Action Downloads: 284

Edited By Willy (Monkey Business) on 10/18/2004

- Note that this are some old screens, and you may not find it in the demo, Just lazy dont want to upload new images -

This is a test level, not a actuall level from the game. Its just something that should give the idea of the possebileties in the game

Unrelenting is a top down shooter, team based sneaking action. With a great story actually.

Story from the full game:
one hundred years into the future, space technology is blossoming more than ever before. And secret millitary collonies are spreaded out
into planets far into space. A transport ship is shipping a heavy cargo of plutonium to some classefied military research. What happens when terrorists take over the ship. And what are their purpose with the plutonium?

Tell me what you think of the game and the music - yes its original music, not by me though, its by mididream.

Update: here is a video -

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Posted by Willy C 17th July, 2004

If it runs slow on your computer, tell me. I need to know If I should add some options where you can remove some effects.
Posted by Rogue 17th July, 2004

This game is fun , there are no lag on my comp .. except when the music change , you should use DMC2 or something like that.
Posted by Willy C 17th July, 2004

Yea, that music change. The DMC2 object fixes that, thats great Il take a look in to it.
Posted by Willy C 17th July, 2004

Now Ive uploaded some new images from the demo, they look a bit better
Posted by eX Com 17th July, 2004

the graphics are messed on my computer but the game is definetly sweet, keep it up
Posted by Mkingy 17th July, 2004

That was cool, one problem though, at the first sneak section, i got seen while the message was still up. I know that this level shall not be in the full release, but bear it in mind for the real training mission.
Posted by Willy C 17th July, 2004

Yea, I am aware of that, Mkingy. I just had to make it quicly cos Im actually buissy making the full game, making a demo takes an hour or so. eX Com, messed up? What do you mean?
Posted by Willy C 17th July, 2004

How do I use the DMC2 object so that I can fix that 'pause' between the midis?
Posted by kht 17th July, 2004

Great game :-)
Posted by BeamSplashX 18th July, 2004

Yep, it lagged massively on my computer. Seems nice though.
Posted by Willy C 18th July, 2004

it did? what kind of computer do you got?
Posted by Teapot 18th July, 2004

Get rid of resize display, make it optional. It works for some games but not this one.
Posted by Willy C 19th July, 2004

what is resize display?
Posted by 19th July, 2004 a really nice game. I can tell u actually care about making this game, nice gameplay (so far), nice graphics, nice effects, coding and so on. Truly a future GOTW masterpiece!
Posted by Willy C 19th July, 2004

really, cos I think actually this demo tells so little about the game itself. The full game has a real feeling to it. You have to enjoy cut-sceenes cos tehre is alot of story in the real game, but devided into many small scenes so it doesnt become boring. Thanks!
Posted by 22nd July, 2004

Good game, just polish those graphics ! Ps. Now A.T 1.0v is updated to 1.2v and zipped. "Check it out"
Posted by Willy C 22nd July, 2004

heey! Stop adverticing for your games in my download
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 19th September, 2004

I enjoyed that. Looks like it's gonna be a good game, once I'd changed the controls to Arrow Key movement, I thought the control system is pretty easy and nice. Some of the graphics could do with a polish up, but it's only a minor gripe. Nice work.





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