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Author: 3kliksphilip Submitted: 1st March, 2008 Favourites:2
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Santasatnas recently came second in the Christmas Click Competition 2007. Over the last couple of days I have fixed all of the known bugs (Yes, there were loads of them) and have managed to make this game fun to play. It is now possible to complete the game. Ahem.

Santasatnas is an RPG, much like the Final Fantasy series. It contains some of the darkest, sickest humour you will ever have heard in a click game and possibly the most terrible voice acting ever. In a good way.

You play as Santa and have to find out why all of the snow in Greenland is melting. You meet up with an Elf called Casper, who doubles your fire power and quadruples the programming complexity of this game. You can customise your characters, giving them specialities, as well as dressing them from an extended range of clothing, including SPARTAN PANTS. We'll let you see for yourself.

As you travel further down the rabbit's hole, uncovering the full extent of the evil guy's motives and ambitions to change the world for ever, your characters will level up, giving you the ability to level up different abilities. Will Santa be a bad-ass warrior, or a pathetic healer? Should Casper be the best shooter in the West, or the coward who sets enemies alight from a distance? The choice is yours.

Alas, both of us conveniently went on holiday a week before the extended deadline, so we left the game in a non-play-tested state with bugs and errors even worse than the motives of ATNAS himself. However, with these cleared up, you are free to wonder the magically bump mapped lands of Greenland in slightly less peril.

Tom Randall made the world map
Philip Dyer made the battle screen
David Randall made the music also includes some making-of videos of the game.

There are two separate downloads; one is 32-bit colour, the other is 256-colours. There isn't much difference between them, but if you have an older PC I strongly recommend playing the 256-colour one. (We didn't have time to play-test the game on any PCs other than our two dual core power-machines, but when I arrived on holiday and fired up my laptop, I cried with the realisation that a Celeron 1.5 can only run this game at about 3 fps). HERE IS THE MANUAL

Saving and Loading
You can save the game at any time during the game except whilst on a ship. The quickest way is simply to hit F6 to quicksave into slot 1.
You may also save into any of the three slots by accessing the menu on the world map by pressing Ctrl and double clicking any one of the three save buttons on the left.

There are also several ways to load a game. From the game menu click any of the three load buttons to load that game.
On the world map you can quickload slot 1 by pressing F9. You may also load any of the 3 games by opening the menu and double clicking on one of the three load buttons on the left.

The World Map
At the beginning of the game you will be presented with the 'world map' screen. Initially you are bound to a couple of islands but the world is gradually opened up to you. It is not too long before the entire world is free for you to roam. From the world map you enter battles, buy goods, rest at Inns, manage your characters equipment and progress through the plot. Important locations are usually marked by an exclamation mark. Press Enter at these points.

Basic Map Controls
Movement - Arrow keys
Access the in-game menu - Ctrl
Activate (Talk to other characters / shopkeepers) - Enter

Ship Controls
Increase/decrease speed - up/down arrows
Turn - left/right arrow keys
Board Ship - Enter
Depart Ship - Shift

Once you are in possession of a ship you can travel anywhere in the world at will. You can dock your ship at any area marked with a red and white flag.

The In-game Menu
To access the menu press 'Ctrl'.

The 'main' screen shows each characters statistics. It also shows a list of items at the bottom along with the amount you own. To use one of these items double click on it. All items affect both of your characters.
If a characters name at the top of the menu is highlighted green this means they have been poisoned. To cure the character, either use an antidote, rest at an Inn or use the 'Cleanse' spell during battle.

The 'Equipment' menu allows you to equip weapons and armour to your characters.
Equiping Controls
Equip to Santa weapon 1 - Left Click on weapon.
Equip to Santa weapon 2 - Shift+Left Click on weapon.
Equip to Santa armour - Left Click on armour.
Equip to Casper Weapon 1 - Right Click on weapon.
Equip to Casper Weapon 2 - Shift+Right Click on weapon.
Equip to Casper armour - Right Click on armour.
Unequip item - Click on item in the boxes below character name.

The 'Spells' menu simply shows you which spells you have and gives you a description and how much MP it requires. You can only use spells during battle.

Buying Items
In towns there are four kinds of building to purchase goods from. To do this press 'Enter' near the shopkeeper and the shop menu will appear.
Weapons shops have a sword and shield on the sign.
Magic shops have Ice, fire and lightning on the sign.
Potion Shops have a potion vial on the sign.
Inns have a pint glass on the sign.

Battles may occur on the world map while you move around outside of towns. The difficulty of opponents varies depending on where you are in the world. Normally battles occur randomly as you move however some battles, like boss battles, will occurr at specific times.

During a battle
All of the battle controls are done using the mouse. At the bottom of the screen you can see each characters HP, MP and Charge Bar. When the charge bar is full, that character becomes ready to attack. The attack menu appears to the left and you can click on different attack options here. You may switch round the order your characters attack by dragging and dropping the characters name above the attack menu on the left.

After a battle
If you have lost a battle and your characters are dead it is game over and you must load a game and try again.
If however you win the battle you will be presented with the post-battle menu. This shows how much EXP and Krones (money) you have gained. If any characters have levelled up you may spend three attribute points on any of the 4 categories available.

Melee - Governs the amount of damage a character inflicts using melee weapons and max HP.
Ranged - Governs the amount of damage a character inflicts using ranged weapons and attack speed.
White magic - Governs proficiency with white magic and max MP.
Black magic - Giverns proficiency with black magic and max MP.

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Posted by Devernath 2nd March, 2008
Rated :

Very Nice!!!! w00t first comment
Posted by Mr_Tom 2nd March, 2008

yay thank you, for a while i thought nobody was going to play our game.
Posted by Hill Gigas 3rd March, 2008
Rated :

I can tell that a lot of time went into the battle engine, but there seem to be a lot of bugs with the menus. I couldn't equip my elf with anything, nor equip anything as Santas second weapon. I was able to un-equip everything, but could never get anything back on them other than Santas main weapon and Santas armor. If there's a way to do it, it should have been a lot easier to figure out. Also, it's very frustrating to have to click on the actual text of words instead of being able to click on the area they're in. It makes the menus feel unresponsive.

I really hope you spend more time on this, or at least develop another rpg and work out some of these kinks. This could be a really great rpg, and I like the style and layout of the game a lot.
Posted by Mr_Tom 4th March, 2008

Actually its not a bug, you can equip the elf with things and in both weapon slots, but unfortunately we forgot to upload the readme with the game which tells you how... and tbh theres not much point in equipping a second weapon anyway since you may as well just use your best one.
Posted by 3kliksphilip 4th March, 2008

lol I can't help but feel that people don't like our sorts of games. This game has been ignored compared to every other game out in March. Makes me feel slightly suicidal. At least we have 5 comments (Though 3 of them were from us) *cries*
Posted by Mr_Tom 4th March, 2008

i know.. and this is an award winning game you know!.. it won a freakin' book!
Posted by Hill Gigas 4th March, 2008
Rated :

Hey I really enjoyed this game and only stopped playing when I couldn't figure out the equip stuff. I'll play again later when I can get on a faster computer (the game ran pretty slow for me).

Plus, Christmas games don't get much attention anyway, that's just reality. I think your team should make another rpg with a unique non-competition storyline. I think you guys could put together a really good game. Just make sure to include the readme file with instructions for the quirky menu functions.
Posted by Aden 14th August, 2009
Rated :

well if you read the description you would know how to equip stuff
Posted by Tommy Williams 9th February, 2017

How do i download it from the website linked, i dnt understand how to do it becuase i am a noob at life
Posted by TreePine 5th April, 2018
Rated :

Pretty good game although there were a few bugs (even on the new 3kliksphilip version).
Posted by TreePine 5th April, 2018
Rated :

Pretty good game although there were a few bugs (even on the new 3kliksphilip version).
Posted by TreePine 5th April, 2018
Rated :

Pretty good game although there were a few bugs (even on the new 3kliksphilip version).





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